Baby Roues Tram Stroller Review and Giveaway

Alright guys, I am very excited about this review and giveaway! Baby Roues teamed up with me again to show you guys the Tram Stroller! The Tram Stroller is the perfect stroller from infancy to toddler (0-48 months or up to 55 pounds). The seat can be a regular seat or a bassinet for when your little one is itty bitty. Let's get into some pictures and details of this AMAZING stroller.


The first picture is a full side view of the stroller with the bassinet style seat. It has the canopy out as well as the bassinet foot muff which snaps over the bumper bar. The foot muff simply zips on and off. I love the feature of the foot muff, it's especially great if you have live in cold climates. I live in Michigan so the winters here can be ROUGH! It adds an extra layer of protection for your little one. The third picture is a picture with the canopy down and the foot muff down. The Tram Stroller comes with a pad that is to be used when the stroller is in the bassinet position. You can face the bassinet forward or backward. I prefer the bassinet to face backward (facing me). When they are in the bassinet, they are so little and at an age where they wont be looking around at things anyways. 

The seat has 3 air vents, one on each side and one at the top of the seat. I love how this is allows your little one to get proper airflow for days that's its hot. Each vent has a tie system to hold the fabric up so it's a true air vent.

The first picture above is the back of the bassinet. The second picture shows the pull strings to sit the seat up. It's a simple cord and button mechanism, simply push the button and pull to lay the seat back, or push the button and push up for the seat to sit up. The back of the seat also has a zipper pouch to store things in as well as mesh cup holder. The third and fourth picture shows the 2 straps that you buckle to turn the bassinet into the seat. There is a buckle that goes vertically as well as horizontally. This makes the seat and foot rest of the seat. I LOVE how simple this is to turn into either seat. I love how this one piece is both, so no need to store the other when you aren't using it. 

The Tram stroller comes with the bumper bar as well as the snack tray. The snack tray is perfect for when your little one is old enough to have a sippy cup and snacks. Both are super simple to get on and off. On each side of the snack tray/bumper bar they have a small white square button, when pressed it releases the bar/tray and it comes right off.

The seat has 3 different positions. Straight up, slightly reclined, and reclined fully. This is the first stroller I have seen that reclines fully back. This makes it perfect for naps for your little one. It is SUPER easy to change the seat positions. On each side of the seat there is a large white button, push them at the same time and lean the seat back to your desired position. 

Another really cool feature of the Tram Stroller is that the seat can be faced forward or backward just like the bassinet. Opposite the bassinet, I prefer the seat to face forward. When they are in the seat, they normally are at the age where they like to look around.

The picture above is the locking mechanism for the seat and bassinet. This is super simple, easy, but very sturdy. 

It has a very spacious size basket under the seat of the stroller. It's perfect for diaper bags, purses, and any baby items you will need for outings. This may be my favorite brake system on any stroller. It's a simple bar. Push it up and the stroller is unlocked, push it down and the stroller is not going anywhere. The brake is also VERY easy to push, I did this in flip flops and it did not hurt my foot at all. Another AMAZING feature is the wheels. The back wheels are 12", front wheels are 8". Ready.... The wheels are solid rubber... WHAT?! these wheels are so good! I don't know about you but you can have a great stroller but if the wheels are bad.... count me out! The solid rubber wheels make it nice to wheel the stroller on any surface. All wheels have shocks which makes going up and down uneven surfaces super easy. 

The handlebar has multiple settings. This is nice so no matter your height, you can find a comfortable push position. I am 5'8 and I like the handlebar at the bottom picture setting. 

The stroller is easy to fold which is another important part of a stroller for me. I has my husband pick it up on the side to show how lightweight this stroller really is. It is very easy to fold and carry as necessary. 

A few more details that I failed to photograph (sorry, I am very busy and I thought I got them :/) The stroller comes with a detachable cup holder. The cup holder clips onto the right hand side and is very spacious. Located on the handlebar, there is a safety strap, you can put it on your wrist which insures the stroller never leaves your hands. A mosquito/bug net is included which goes over the seat/bassinet of the stroller. I have never seen a stroller that comes with that feature so that was a nice added bonus for me. You can see the 5 point harness in multiple pictures but I wanted to express the quality of the harness. I love 5 point harnesses, it makes me feel like the little ones are the most safe. I also like that the shoulder straps are padded to add extra comfort for your little one. 

This stroller is absolutely AMAZING! My husband was like a kid in a candy store playing with this stroller and learning all about it. You know it's a good product when the husband gets giddy about a baby item. LOL 

Once again, Baby Roues is going above and beyond and allowing me to help host a giveaway. That's right, ONE lucky winner will get one Tram Stroller for themselves. Head over to their site to check out the Tram Stroller as well as all their strollers.

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