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Woolzies Review and Giveaway

One thing I get tired of seeing are the fabric softener sheets for the dryer. It seems like they are everywhere. They get tangled in your clean clothes and somewhere along the way manage to fall out. Woolziesoffers a solution to that. Woolzies are a set of six "dryer balls" that you place in the dryer with your clothes just like you would dryer sheets, except you don't take them out when you take the clothes out. In fact, since they are guaranteed to last at least 1,000 loads, you can leave them in the dryer for quite awhile.
Woolzies are handmade from fine New Zealand wool and are safe for people with wool sensitivities. They are also hypoallergenic and chemical free. Woolzies help eliminate wrinkles, reduces static, naturally softens your clothes, and reduces drying time by 25%.
I have been using the Woolzies for about a week now and I LOVE them. It has been so nice to not be picking through laundry for dryer sheets and randomly finding them all over my house. I also hav…

Zipz Shoes Review and Giveaway

Zipz Shoes is a line of interchangeable shoes – you can choose different soles and covers to create a shoe that’s truly you. The cover zips to the sole, so you can choose several different cover patterns and/or colors, and sole colors, and switch them out depending on your mood for the day. There are several lines to choose from including adult and youth hi-tops, lo-tops, and zip-ons and, within each of these lines, there are several design and color options.

I had no problem getting the cover unzipped from the sole, but when I first tried to get it to zip back on I couldn't for the life of me make it work. I assumed that a zipper is a zipper is a zipper; however, there is a little trick to getting these particular zippers to work. I had to pull out away from the shoe and pull forward. Once I tried that, it zipped back on easily time and time again.

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Bad Idea T Shirts Review and Giveaway

Whether you’re looking for a great gift for a friend or you just want to make sure the world really knows which side of the political fence you stand on, Bad Idea T Shirts has you covered-literally.Whether you’re looking for a great gift for a friend or you just want to make sure the world really knows which side of the political fence you stand on, Bad Idea T Shirts has you covered-literally. If you are looking for something in a t shirt that is very different and quite unique, then Bad Ideas have what you are looking for!Bad ideas have shirts in over 1,000 designs and are constantly adding new designs. They use 100% cotton, heavy duty t-shirts. The designs are professionally silk screened; these shirts are pre-shrunk and TRUE TO SIZE.
Bad Idea T Shirt carries Funny, Political, Offensive, Seasonal and more types of tees. On the site they have funny t shirts for men and they have funny t shirts for women. They even have “funny t-shirts” for kids and they carry baby dolls too. The hilari…

Snack Taxi Review

If you commute to work or pack lunches for your kids to go to school, then you have probably gone through a ton of plastic Ziploc bags. But now, thanks to this cool little company called SnackTaxi, you can use reusable bags for your sandwiches and snacks, and avoid using plastic bags altogether.

Environmental Facts From SnackTaxi… Here are some sobering enviro facts on plastic from the SnackTaxi card (which comes with each SnackTaxi reusable bag…) Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide.  That’s over 1 million per minute.Worldwide, an estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year.Each reusable bag you use has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over the course of its lifetime.This little bag can make a world of difference, which is really cool.

Pampers Kandoo Review and Giveaway

Pampers Kandoo products really are made with your child in mind.  They are made with the thought of fostering your child's independence in mind.  Most products aren't made this way and it can be very difficult and frustrating for not only the child, but the parent as well.

 Pampers Kandoo 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

How cute is in the little frog bottle first of all?!  I think that is adorable.  And it fits perfectly right in the corner of the tub, where little hands can reach it.  The pump lets out one quarter sized dollop of shampoo, just enough to wash your little one.  It feels silky and soft and leaves the hair the same way.  It lathered up great too!  We received Berry scented and it smelt so good!

•The hand soap, shampoo & body wash come in Funny Berry, Tropical Smoothie & Magic            Melon scent
•The shampoo is tear free and dermatologist scented. 
•It contains Vitamin E and natural fruit extracts to help clean and condition. 
•It's hypoallergenic and conta…

Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway

Boogie wipes are seriously the best things ever. They come in a variety of scents, Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Magic Menthol (for extra stuffy noses), Simply Unscented and Boogieberry. I especially love the magic menthol; I have even used them on myself. I can rub one of the wipes on the boogies and they stick to the wipe and come out without fail! No more frustrated baby J I have since used these for EVERYTHING. They're perfect for runny noses, cleaning face and hands after eating, cleaning up messes from crafts, coloring,and painting... you name it. Some other uses I've heard of: Cleaning candy and gum out of hair Cleaning makeup off your face, they’re gentle so as not to redden your nose but strong and durable for really messy job.

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Rosebud Perfume Company Review

The fragrance is what you notice first with the Minty Rose lip balm and you need to like it or not mind it when you use this product because the smell is obvious when you firstapply. So you should only buy it after you smell it. Personally I prefer natural scents and the minty rose scent here is a bit cloying. It gives a slightly pink but very natural color when you apply. However as some have mentioned, it can get a bit oily looking in hot and humid climates so I usually use this at night before bed. This really helps lips to become soft overnight. However when I was using this every day I noticed it wasn't as effective. So I tend to rotate this with other balms. Overall a good lip balm that will save parched lips. The salve is wonderful; I am addicted to the stuff. It helps dry cuticles and hands and it makes your lips feel marvelous. It makes your lips shiny and glossy without a bunch of goo that most glosses give you. It’s great for burns and bug bites in a pinch.
As for the Str…