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Bean Boozled

Eating is a very complicated pastime when you think about it. Depending on the situation it can be a very social thing: you could easily be sharing a dinner with friends, out for an afternoon coffee break with co-workers or hosting a potluck party with family. While it’s easy to make daily meals more social, I find that when we treat ourselves with chocolate or candy, it usually tends to be a very solitary activity. There’s lots of reasons for this; maybe your friends or special someone don’t love chocolate like you do, perhaps you don’t want anyone to see you secretly indulge your sweet tooth, or hey, maybe you’re like me and don’t want anyone to notice so you’d have to share. Regardless of the reason, candy consumption can be pretty lonely, and usually in a good way. This is why, when Jelly Belly released its new box of BeanBoozled jelly beans, I was excited to give them a try.
How does eating these BeanBoozled beans relate to social activity you ask? Well, when you look at it, Bean…

Cave Tools Salad Spinner

I recently was able to try out the Cave Tools salad spinner. To be honest I have never used a salad spinner before, I never saw a use for one. Then I received the one from Cave Tools and I use it constantly. I use this for cleaning my fruit, veggies, as well as the obvious... salad. The water goes in to the outer bowl so the contents remain dry. Cave Tools offer so many amazing products for reasonable prices. Go check out Cave Tools and all of their goodies.


I was lucky enough to try out Topganics Brazilian nut oil shampoo and their intensive hair mask. I've recently been on a hair kick lately. I have been working hard on trying to rehydrate and just take better care of my hair. I started using this shampoo and hair mask for about two weeks now and I can already see a difference. I use the mask once a week, you only have to leave this on for 5 minutes before rinsing it out but I typically leave it on upwards of 2-3 hours. This mask makes a HUGE difference! My hair is hydrated, smooth, it is not frizzy, and it feels amazing. Now onto the shampoo, I only wash my hair every 2-3 days. I haven't been using this for too long but I have already seen a difference in my hair. This shampoo is very natural smelling, it smells fresh and nutty. I am looking forward to ordering more things from Topganic and trying even more of their products. The two I tried are going on my re-purchase list!

Lula Clip

The Facts:
These will work in ANY carseat or stroller. Lula Clips have been tested to make sure little wondering hands aren't able to pull these off once pinned. Each Lula Clip is made with UV rated plastic so they don't get too hot when sitting in the sun, They will get warm to the touch but nothing that will  burn tiny hands. The Lula Clip will leave a tiny pin hole in the carseat or stroller but they are very small and hard to notice.

These make getting sleeping little ones in and out of carseats so much easier. Without Lula clips the straps get tangled and you end up putting the baby in the carseat on top of the straps and have to pull them out from under them.

Just Pretend Kids Monkey Costume

I was lucky enough to receive one of just pretend kids Halloween costumes. I received the 1t-2t monkey costume. I live in Michigan which means Halloween can be 30 degrees or 70 degrees. I love that you can wear warm clothes under the costume to make it temperature appropriate. I will say they do run a little small. This is much more of a 12 month fit than a 2t, especially if you are layering clothes.

The costume is VERY well made, and absolutely adorable. I highly recommend Just Pretend Kids for all your dress up and Halloween needs.

Big Slice

Some history from the company: BigSlice Apples were first cooked in Grandma Hoerner’s farm kitchen, made from apples straight from the orchard in the late 1800s. Her grandson, Duane McCoy, inherited his grandmother’s treasured recipe. Recalling the wonderful flavor from his youth, he worked hard to replicate it, finding the perfect blend of firm apples and sweet fruit-juice sweetened sauce. BigSlice Apples were sold in traditional Mason Jars until Regina McCoy, Vice President and Duane’s wife, developed an industry-disrupting new pouch design and new, cutting-edge flavors for today’s modern woman. Regina’s knowledge of the market and her love of the original recipe have truly created the best blend of old and new.

Additionally, a portion of the purchase of every BigSlice pouch goes to the Sparkle Foundation, an organization that supports women and girls in need, so you can feel good about eating BigSlice too.

BigSlice features sophisticated fruit combinations and whole ingredients that …

Squatty Potty

First things first, the packaging for this was HILARIOUS! It came with a crown with rainbow poops all over it with the hashtag #pooplikeroyalty. Squatty Potty has the best advertising, they have a unicorn pooping rainbow icecream while using the squatty potty. Now before I get into talking about poop, go read the book "Everybody Poops" and get all the giggles out. I work in an adult foster care home so poop is an everyday discussion for me.

Now I don't know exactly how effective the squatty potty is but I will say the concept is awesome. My boyfriend has been using since it arrived and he thinks its the coolest thing. Anything that helps you poop faster is a bonus in my book. The squatty potty is designed to align your body in the most natural state to help you poop.  I also like that the center of the stool is curved so it fits around the toilet. I thought it was going to be hard to store and be bulky but it is the opposite. Everyone, go get a squatty potty and start p…

Crispy Green

Why Freeze Dry? We LOVE fresh fruit! But sometimes, it might not be available or the most convenient option. If only there were another way to get the nutrients and flavor of fresh fruit that we can take with us wherever we go. That was the “ah—ha” moment that led to the creation of freeze-dried Crispy Fruit!
Crispy Green has perfected the ‘fruit-to-go’ alternative by freeze-drying fresh fruit, and transforming it into an incredible, light and crispy texture that snacks like a chip! AND, this process retains most all of the nutrients you receive from a fresh piece of fruit—without adding ANYTHING!
That’s right—Crispy Fruit is 100% pure fruit, nothing else. It’s delicious, healthy and an amazing way to consume fruit…. anytime, anywhere. That’s why!

How to Freeze Dry Fruit – the Crispy Green Process Your fruit snacks from Crispy Green star with top-quality fruit, including apples, bananas, and mangos sourced from carefully selected, certified growers. Unlike regular dried fruit or dehy…

Balmshot and Mintyshot

BALMSHOT lip balm is one of the most unique lip care products on the market today! BALMSHOT is a lip care product with SPF 15 and is designed to protect your lips from sunburn. Best of all BALMSHOT is the only lip balm that comes in a shotgun shell dispenser. That’s right, unlike every other lip balm on the market; our shotgun shell dispenser keeps BALMSHOT from causing a “gooey mess” in your pants pocket or purse.

I thought these were the cutest lip balms I have ever seen. I received the classic, pure pink, and cool mint lip balm. Of course I had to open the pink one first which is vanilla mint. It smells great, and feels great on the lips. I Know guys often don't like carrying and wearing lip balms because they look and smell girly but these are far from that. The shotgun shell dispenser is "manly" and the classic and cool mint lip balm do not smell girly at all.

I also received MintyShot which is a mint breath spray. I often find that breath spray is too strong and a…


I was lucky enough to review a candy box from Bocandy. Bocandy is a monthly subscription box that offers a wide variety of candy from all over the world. I received a international box that had so many goodies. My favorite part about this candy subscription box is that it lets you try candies that you wouldn't normally get to try. Even the ones I didn't like I appreciated the fact I was lucky enough to try them. Everyone, go get your own box and see what goodies you get!

Lucas Salsagheti

This candy is from Mexico, its definitely something i'm not used to. It is  hot mango candy straws with Tamarind sauce. I am someone who likes a little bit of spice and this one is a little too spicy for me.

Lychee Candy

I used to work in a Chinese restaurant and the owners were always snacking on lychee fruit. They are super sweet and delicious. These hard candies are just that, super sweet and yummy! This candy is a product from the Kasugai company which is from Japan.

Swedish Peppermint Can…

Endless Games

Crazy Legs Game
DescriptionYou may normally sit around a table to enjoy a family game together, but you'll be busy on your feet with the Crazy Legs Game! Its game board is not like any other, as each space offers a new physical challenge. Each player will have to bounce, shake, slide, dance and more to win! This game is designed for 2-4 players ages 4 and up, but adults will want to play along as well! I played this with my 4 year old cousin and she said "it was the best game ever!" It 100% is a kid game, adults may find it someone boring and silly and but its really nice to see a board game that makes you move and keeps the children entertained because its constantly switching what you have to do. I, and my cousin approve!

Can You Name 5?
DESCRIPTION Can you Name 5 things that would make a person sneeze? How about 5 TV Dads? 5 breakfast cereal “mascots”?

NAME 5 is the outrageous party that asks the easy questions you know the answers to. Sure you know 1 Tom Hanks movie, 1 …


Tumzee Tummy Time Seat has been recommended by doctors, occupational therapists and physical therapists for the development of fine and gross motor skills. Spending "tummy time" encourages babies to push upwards, therefore developing strong shoulders, arms and hand muscles needed for grasping and reaching.

Freshly Picked Moccasins and Giveaway

Let me start by saying that i love small businesses and like to support them whenever i get a chance. Susan Peterson, who runs Freshly Picked, has two kids and with her team, makes each pair of moccasins by hand out of her home in Utah. She is constantly working on improving her products and making sure they are "durable, well-designed" and stay on little's feet; and i love that she is a mom and uses her son as a tester. She even has a video on her blog where she encourages entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and conveys how she balances her life as a mother and a business owner. Knowing a bit of her story makes me love this company even more, and makes me want to support other companies like this.

Freshly Picked changed their packaging and I love the changes they made! They now come in a little box with a clear front so you can see the beautiful moccasins. they also have a size chart on the back which explains the what size goes with what age group. I received the Flora…