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Love Bottle Review

I like many people drink a lot of water and go through a lot of water bottles. I'm always looking for cool, environmentally friendly, reusable water bottles and Love Bottle is all of those! I have used it everyday since I received it in the mail! Love Bottle is a great product that are all made of glass.  I have the 'Flowers on Vine' bottle, that was designed by a fan of the products.

I love the designs that are available for the Love Bottles and I really love how the lid is! It resembles the old pepsi bottles. I always seem to misplace the plastic lids to water bottles so this lid is wonderful.

There are different things to personalize the bottles to suit you. Aside for the bottle itself, they have bottle carriers, cleaning brushes, bands, stickers, extra lids and funnels. you can draw and put stickers on your bottles to have them be however you want them to be!
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