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Mumbelli Review

Mumbelli sent me their light blue mumbelli to review. Mumbelli is the only womb like and adjustable portable infant bed on the market. I'm sure you all have heard of the doc a tot by now, but the mumbelli is so different in a good way. Unlike the doc a tot, the mumbelli has an adjustable foot insert which you move to fit the size of the baby. This helps baby feel like they are in mommas womb. This also helps prevent babies from startling as much, which also allows for better sleep for both baby and mom and dad. Another huge difference is that the mumbelli comes with a reflux wedge which elevates little ones head just enough.

The wedge gets placed under the pad to help raise their head. Mumelli also has nice pouch on the bottom outside of the bed which is perfect for keeping binkies, burb rags, and any other baby essentials. The mumbelli comes with instructions to help you with safety guidelines and proper an improper ways to use it. Each Mumbelli comes with a nice carrying bag whi…

Funsparks Review and Giveaway

Funsparks sent me over their wireless speaker in the color red. It works with all smart phones with AUX and micro SD card. One charge will last 4 hours, it has a 300 foot wireless range, it has a built in rechargeable battery. It is water and dust resistant, extremely durable, and it gets loud!

I love this for in the shower. Because it's waterproof I don't have to worry about it getting wet, or my phone getting wet trying to listen to music. I also love this for when we go kayaking which is a summer must for my husband and I! This wireless speaker comes in blue, red, green, and black and only cost $19.99.
Funsparks is also hosting a giveaway so one lucky winner will win one for themselves! Make sure head over to their site to check out all the fun things they have to offer.
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Unicorn Baby Beyond review and giveaway

Unicorn Baby was so kind and sent me over their entire beyond collection. They sent me their 16oz bottles of their beyond fibre wash, beyond soft, and beyond clean. Each one serves a little different from the others.

A little about the fibre wash. It is strong enough for rough and tumble fabrics and knitwear, yet so very gentle on the most delicate hand knit creations. It removes odors and soils, rinses easily and leaves no residue. I love that all their products do not include any harsh ingredients and they are biodegradable. Unicorn baby beyond line is fragrance free and highly concentrated. 1 ounce per medium to large load of laundry is all it takes. I also really enjoy that it creates minimal suds and can be used in EVERY washing machine.
Beyond Clean is pretty similar to the fibre wash except it's even stronger and can be used on tough stains. My favorite way to use this wash is on cloth diapers! That's right, it's gentle enough to use on diapers and strong enough to …

Funsparks Review and Giveaway

Funsparks sent me over their Paddle Catch game to review. This game is one that I played SOOO much as a kid. IT's the paddles that have Velcro on them with an adjustable hand strap on the back and a ball similar to tennis ball that you throw back and forth and catch with the Velcro paddles. A simple game which allows you to have endless hours of fun!

I really enjoy games like this. They are nice additions to have in your outdoor game basket. These get played EVERY time we have a bonfire, the adults get really into it!
Funsparks is also hosting a giveaway so one lucky winner can have this game for themselves! Head over to their site to see all their fun games they have to offer.

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Baby Roues Roll & Go Stroller Review and Giveaway

Baby Roues was so kind and sent me one of their Roll & Go strollers to review. This stroller is a game changer, especially if you travel a lot with your little one. This full size stroller only weighs 15 pounds. It came in a small box, I thought it was in pieces and I was going to have to put it together. Wrong, this bad boy really folds up that small, and it came basically preassembled. I had to put on the cup holders and the belly bar is all!

This stroller holds up to 55 pounds, and the basket holds 10 pounds. This stroller has some amazing features!
I love that our diaper bag hooks right onto the handlebar, making the basket below completely available for other items! It has a super safe 5 point harness with padded straps. The foot rest lays down like this and also goes straight out, which is great for when your little one is taking a snooze.

Speaking of snooze, this stroller lays completely flat by squeezing the adjustable buckle, and pulling. The canopy also has a vented flap…

Chala Handbag review and giveaway

Chala Handbags sent me over one of their beautiful bowling bags in exchange for my honest review.

I picked the owl bag in slate. This bag is not only super adorable but it is super functional. Often times bowling bags can be oversized and heavy but Chala has made a bowling bag that one might take as an overnight bag, it's that cute! I grew up with my parents on a bowling league and when I was old enough, I was able to join the bowling league for myself. I searched for  a LONG time trying to find a bowling bag that didn't scream bowling bag. LOL Chala not only has bowling bags but wallets, purses, totes, cross over body bags, and much more. They have loads of different animals to pick and colors to match anyone! Chala is being super kind and hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner! The winner will get to pick any bag they want from their site. Head over to their site to check out all of their beautiful items!

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Kindergluck review and giveaway

Kindergluck was very kind and sent me over 2 of their swaddle blankets and 4 of their bandana bibs to review. I received a panda bear and pineapple print for the swaddle blankets. These swaddle blankets are super soft! They are made with 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. I swear these things get softer the more you wash them. These swaddle blankets are the perfect size, 120cm X 120cm. I love how versatile these are, you can use them for the purpose of swaddling or as a birth cloth, blanket, cloth diaper flat and so much more!

Kindergluck offers so many adorable prints. They both gender specific as well as gender neutral prints. Kindergluck also has bandana bibs and burp clothes. The 4 bandana bibs I received are so super soft and can be used for either a boy or a girl!  Aren't these so cute! I love banana bibs, they are a great accessory to any outfit for little ones and they keep their outfits dry. I love the variety of prints and colors they offer for their bandana bibs as well…

Precious Little Tot Review and Giveaway

A little disclaimer before I go into the review on the most adorable baby clothes from Precious Little Tot. My husband and I suffered with the a miscarriage, for those of you who have gone through this, you know how hard this can be. The call the baby you have after a miscarriage a Rainbow baby. The rainbow after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel. With that being sad, Precious Little Tot sent me over 2 stunning rainbow baby onesies!

This is a close up shot of the onesie. The colors are beautiful and the quality of the material is great. It is so soft! 
Pictured with the onesies are 2 pair of their harlem leggings in the size 6-9 months. For those of you who don't know, my husband and I prefer cloth diapers. One of the down sides of cloth diapering, is it gives little ones "fluff butt" which makes you have to up size pants. These harlem leggings are my new favorite pants! We actually have 2 pair that are footed in 0-3 months. I will for sure be purchasing more…

Bookroo Review

Bookroo is a monthly subscription box, each month you get 2-3 books to add to your personal library for only $16.95 a month. You can pick if the box is a gift or for personal use. Next you pick if you want picture/board books for ages 0-6 years of age or chapter books for ages 7-10 years. The final step is picking how many boxes you would like to buy, the more boxes you buy, the cheaper it is!

The box is super cute, it comes in a robins egg blue with a cute little kangaroo on the front. I love the cute sayings on the box as well. My husband and I are HUGE book lovers, I have always been a huge fan of books, even as a young child. Before I knew how to read, I would make up stories to the pictures in the books I had. I can thank my love for books  from my mom. Growing up she used to buy my sister and I at least one book a week. We had the entire Dr. Seuss collection as well as every Disney book, sesame street book, and a variety of others. Once I grew up, my mom let me pick one of the c…