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Stephen Joseph review

Steven Joseph was very kind and sent me a box full of goodies to review.

14 piece wooden block set

Infant bib (washable with crumb catcher)

Shark and Flamingo hooded towel
bandana bib set

Everything they sent me are absolutely adorable. The colors are bright and vibrant and are made with quality products. The infant wipeable bibs might be my favorite, the fact that I dont have to wash them in the washing machine after every wash is so nice! I can wipe them down with a wipe and use it for the next meal. The bandana bibs are so cute! Lets face it, babies drool and most bibs aren't that cute, but these are adorable and add a little something, something to the outfit.
The hooded towels are very well made and super absorbent which is very important to me when it comes to towels. Have you ever used a towel on a child and when you go to pick them up you get soaked too because the towel cant handle all the wetness? That doesn't happen with these! :)
As for the adorable block set, wel…

Snuggle me organic review and giveaway

Snuggle me was so kind and sent me one of their baby loungers to review. I was so excited when this arrived. I've been seeing baby loungers advertised a lot lately and some of them are SUPER expensive. The snuggle me organic baby lounger starts at $120. They have adorable prints that are gender specific as well as gender neutral. The snuggle me lounger is unlike many of the loungers on the market currently.

"Snuggle me is uniquely designed to contour to baby's head and torso. At first they will be able to fit all the way in the snuggle me and as they grow, and begin to learn how to roll over, they will fill out the center-sling and their legs will begin to drape over the bottom end of the nest. This prevents them from rolling over while in the snuggle me."

                                     This is the cover pattern I picked and its called 'counted sheep'

Snuggle me is also different than most companies because it allows you to pick the fill of the lounger.…

It's that time again for another review! I LOVE working with every month. offers 20% off normal prices and they get shipped to your house in 1-2 days! no more lugging around bags of litter and kibble around the store. They sell things for ALL animals. This months review is about Tidy Cats clumping litter direct disposable litter box. Whoa, that's a mouth full! I have 2 cats who share one litter box so a good clumping litter is very important. There is nothing worse than a litter that doesn't clump and lets the pee settle to the bottom of the litterbox. Tidy cats has made a disposable litter box that has an anti-leak coating inside. The litter box should last one month with one cat using it and being scooped on a regular basis. Now I have 2 cats so it didn't last one month but it did last 3, which is pretty amazing! Tidy cats disposable litter boxes are so nice for shelters, short term care of cats, or for people who don't like dumping …

Buncha Farmers

Buncha Farmers was so kind and sent me a bunch of goodies to review. The items they sent me are their honey lips lip balm, stain remover stick, manuka healing soap in the scents unscented, lavender, and lemongrass, as well as moisturizing cream. I would like to start out by saying that I am someone who tries to use as many organic products as I can. My skin and body  react way better to natural and organic products. I also love natural scents such as the ones Buncha Farmers has. My favorite is lemongrass, its so fresh and I always feel so clean after using anything scented with lemongrass.

The moisturizing cream was also a big hit for me. They now offer ice cream scents, the one I received was bubble gum. It is so sweet and I love it! once again the natural, organic ingredients make my skin so smooth and it helps heal dry, flaky skin. I suffer extremely dry skin and I often have a hard time finding a good product with ingredients I can read and know what they are that actually helps…

Setten farms pistachio chewy bites review and giveaway

Pistachio Chewy Bites were created with one simple concept in mind: make an all-natural snack that is both delicious and provides the nutritional fuel you need each day. By combining over 50% of our own California grown, nutrient rich pistachios with moist antioxidant cranberries, you get the energy and nutrients you need in one bite sized snack. As a bonus they are vegan, Kosher, Certified Gluten Free & Non-GMO Project Verified. Each bite is individually wrapped, keeping them fresh and making them convenient while on the go. Grab a bite on the way to the gym, toss one in your kid’s lunchbox, satisfy a craving or munch as a guilt-free midnight snack. You can bring Pistachio Chewy Bites everywhere and feel confident that you’re making a healthy choice.

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Kneipp was so kind to send me their 24h face cream. It comes in a 1.69 oz glass jar and has a shelf life of 3 months. Am I the only one who likes it when face and body products have a short shelf life? It scares me when they have they don't expire for 24+ months. Kneipps 24 h face cream is completely vegan which is another big plus in my book!

I have very sensitive skin and it's always scary trying new face products. I never know if im going to break out, dry out, or have a strange reaction to the products. Kneipps 24h face cream NEVER did anything but help moisturize and help tone my skin. It does have a smell but its not overpowering which is good being its a cream that goes on your face. I really dislike overly smelly face products that I smell for hours and hours after applying. This face cream also absorbs really nicely. It doesn't leave my skin greasy or shiny looking. I can put this on and go to bed and not have to worry about any cream residue being left on my pill…

Skoy Cloth

Each Skoy Cloth is 100% Biodegradable and Natural. One Skoy cloth can replace up to 15 paper towel rolls! They come in a variety of colors so they will fit in any kitchen! I love Skoy cloths because they are extremely absorbent and can be reused and washed in you dishwasher or washer/dryer. They last a long time and can clean just about any mess. 

I also got to try out their Scrub Cloths. I was really excited to try these because I hate using sponges to try to clean pots and pans. I love that I can use these and just throw them in the washer when I am done instead of trying to clean them off and getting upset because I don’t want to use the sponge again. I am very glad that Skoy came out with these, because I would still buy sponges to be able to use the scrubbing side, but with these I can just continue to use Skoy products. I do wish that they had a double sided Skoy cloth with a scrubber on one side, so hopefully I will get lucky and they will come out with one!

I highly recommend Sk…

The Blushing Baby Review and Giveaway

The Blushing Baby was very kind and sent me a few things for review and a few things to giveaway to a few of you! I received one of their multipurpose cover in black and white as well as some bandana bibs! Lets start with the bandana bibs. The front is 100% organic cotton and the back is 100% polyester. They are super absorbent as well as very cute. A lot of baby bibs are not that cute but you have to use them, otherwise you're left changing onsies and shirts A LOT! These bandana bibs are the perfect accessory. They come in packs of 4 and are super adorable!

See.... SO CUTE!!

Now, onto the multipurpose cover. Lightweight & Breathable, this stretchy cover can be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, 360 degree nursing cover or highchair cover. Two hand-sewn slits to accommodate shopping cart and highchair safety belts, to keep your baby safe. I love how lightweight these are. I live in Michigan so winters are brutal and summers are HOT. These covers can be used in the …

Lil Bums Cloth Diaper review and giveaway

Lil Bums was vey kind and sent me 3 cloth diapers to review. EVERY diaper from Lil Bums is made from a luxurious soft mink fabric which makes these the softest cloth diapers you can find. The minky material is incredibly soft, but also very durable and stain resistant. Each diaper also comes with 2 inserts. One microfiber insert and one organically grown bamboo and cotton insert. Bamboo cotton inserts are extremely absorbent! I prefer the bamboo cotton inserts over the microfiber for a couple reasons. Microfiber is known to trap in odors (if cleaned properly they shouldn't stink), they also cannot touch your babies bottom. The micro fiber inserts must be stuffed into the pocket. The micro fiber inserts can dry your babies skin if layed on top of the diaper so always pocket them.:) for even better absorbency stuff the micro fiber insert and lay the bamboo cotton insert on top of the diaper. I love how versatile Lil Bums diapers are. You can make them super absorbent by adding inser…

It's that time again for another review! I LOVE working with every month. offers 20% off normal prices and they get shipped to your house in 1-2 days! no more lugging around bags of litter and kibble around the store. They sell things for ALL animals. This months review is about Blue Buffalo Naturally fresh walnut-based quick clumping litter for multi cats. Whoa, that's a mouth full! I have 2 cats who share one litter box so a good clumping litter is very important. There is nothing worse than a litter that doesn't clump and lets the pee settle to the bottom of the litterbox. You're left dumping all the litter out and scraping pee and fecal matter of the bottom. Its gross! This cat litter is amazing!! I haven't had a single issue with it and my cats seem to really enjoy it as well. My cats are pretty picky when it comes to litter and they have used Blue Buffalo since I put it out for them.

Glowbug Diaper review and Giveaway

I was SUPER excited when Glowbug offered me one of their cloth diapers to review. Unlike a lot of onesize diapers these have 4 snaps on the rise which makes these diaper turn itty bitty for new borns and grow until your toddler is potty trained. Plus the prints are absolutely adorable! :) I decided to cloth diaper for a number of reasons, price, the environment, chemicals in disposable, and how cloth diapers become accessories to every outfit your child wears. You can pick diapers that fit your childs personality, match them to clothes. So many options. Glowbug diapers are pocket diapers, meaning you stuff them with inserts. Pocket diapers are my favorite because you can add as much absorbency as needed. Glowbug recently came out with an insert called Mr. Clocks. Its a hourglass shaped insert that fits perfectly into the Glowbug diaper. These inserts are PERFECT for heavy wetters, naps, and bedtime. I was giddy when I saw the new insert and I want to order so many more.

I cannot say e…

Dainty Toes

Dainty toes sent me a pair of their ribbon heart sneakers for review. I received a size 2 which  fits most 6-12 month olds. The ribbon heart sneakers come in a pink and gray and I received the gray one.

Dainty Toes has many different styles, kinds, and colors of shoes. Their prices are super reasonable! I also like how they often offer deals! Just a few weeks back they offered free moccasins. You just had to pay for tax and shipping. What a steal! The ribbon heart sneakers I received are super soft and will match all little girl outfits!

Light FX 3D Star Wars Light

Light Fx sent me their Star Wars Death Star 3d light to review. These make for perfect night lights for little ones or the perfect accessory for a man cave. My fiancĂ© put this one in his man cave and loves it. Even when it's off, it adds a nice touch to the room. BUT, there is one thing I do NOT like about the light fx 3d light. The sticker they give you to make the light look like it is breaking out of the wall took the paint off my wall. After doing some research, this seems to be a common problem with the sticker. So if you are okay with possibly damaging your walls or keeping the light in one spot permanently I highly suggest this.