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Trustypup Review

Trustypup sent me over 2 of their chew guard dog toys to review. Now personally don't have any dogs, we only have cats, but I know lots of friends and family with dogs. I gave one toy to 2 different people to get a review from 2 different people.

Both pups were big, and strong dogs. I wanted to have to strongest dogs I know test these out, to really see how tough the chew guard technology really is. I was shocked. Both of the dogs that received these are dogs that destroy toys the same day they get them. Both of these toys lasted SO long. The green crocodile like one, didn't last as long as the donut but they are different material so I wasn't expecting it to last as long. 
The green toy has a silent squeaker that only dogs can hear, I was a little skeptical about this at first but you can feel the squeaker. I squeezed it when the pup wasn't looking and he quickly turned towards me. He heard it! I love the concept of a silent squeaker. Everyone with pets knows that squ…

Beau Undies Review

Beau Undies was kind and sent me over 4 pairs of undies, 2 thongs and 2 cheekys.

The undies came in these super cute little reusable zipper bags.

I am someone who typically doesn't like cheeky underwear. I prefer either thongs, or boyshorts, but I knew I had to give these fair shot, and I am so glad I did. The reason I normally don't like cheeky undies, is they are never comfortable. But these are super comfy. The black ones especially are very soft and wear very well. The black ones are actually seamless cheeky undies which are perfect for under tighter fitting clothing. Normally my husband prefers thongs (he is a typical guy LOL) but even he really liked these!

Now onto the thongs. A lot of people don't like thongs because they don't think they are comfortable. Anyone who thinks that, should definitely try out Beau Undies before giving up on thongs! Beau gives you the option to sign up for their subscription or order undies you need/want them. This has most definitel…

Rise Brewing Co.

Rise Brewing Co was very kind and sent me over a sample pack of all their flavors. It was a 12 pack, 2 of each flavor. Original Black, Oat Milk, Classic Latte, Mocha Latte, Blood Orange, and Lemonade. RISE infuses all their coffees with nitrogen, it gives the coffee a creamy, slightly sweet and refreshingly smooth taste.

Directions: Open can to unleash a crisp growl. Consume straight from the can or amplify the cascade by pouring into a glass. Watch it RISE and enjoy!

I am a coffee junkie! At one point I was up to a pot of coffee a day... I know, I know.. That is ridiculous LOL but it's so good! I actually cut out ALL caffeine this past march but I gave in to try this and holy smokes, this stuff is amazing! The photo above is their original black coffee with some pumpkin spice creamer. Once again, I know, so basic, but it's so good and fall so I couldn't turn it down.
Since receiving them, and still trying to not consume caffeine, I've allowed myself to drink one can o…

Messages In Metal

Messages In Metal sent me over a stunning personalized necklace to review. It is their sterling silver infinity necklace which I personalized with my husbands name (Rosss) and my name (Mindy.)

It came in a box with the companies logo and it adds another layer of protection from items getting damaged in transit. If you've seen how UPS and FexEx handles some of their packages, you know any added protection is a huge bonus.

Inside of the box is a traditional jewelry box. I had a hard time getting good lighting to take a good picture but you can see, this necklace is beautiful. I am not normally someone who likes personalized jewelry like this, but I am huge fan. I've been wearing this every day since I received it, only taking it off for showers and bed. It's not over the top, it's simple and cute, and I love it!

Ignore the glare but you can see the length of the chain. I was SUPER happy when I tried this on and the chain was long. Maybe I have an abnormally large neck, b…

Luxe by Mr. Bubble

Luxe by Mr. Bubble was kind and sent me over 3 of their holiday items. I received their fa la la la lady shower bombs, merry and clean shower bombs, and their Mr. Bubble original bubble bath Christmas ornament.

These shower bombs can be either placed under the running shower water or it can be used as a bath bomb. I used them both ways and I definitely prefer the bath bomb method over the shower. I felt like by using it in the shower, most of the scent ran down the drain before I was able to smell it so I felt like I wasted it. While putting it in the bath like a bath bomb, it allows the scent to stay so you can enjoy it. 

EVERYONE knows Mr. Bubble bubble bath and they know the scent. It's one of those things that we all grew up with. If I was blindfolded and someone had me smell it, I would be able to point out what it is! It's kind of that sweet, cotton candy smell that smells almost too sweet but I love! I love that Mr. Bubble creates some of the best bubbles for a bubble b…

Kat's Naturals Pure CBD Oil Review

Kat's Naturals sent me over bottles of their CBD oils to try out. I want to disclose that I personally did not use the oils. This review is based from my grandpa. My Grandpa suffers with severe pain all the time from arthritis, not sleeping due to pain, and many other things. He recently started using CBD oil and immediately noticed a HUGE difference in pain and his sleeping patterns. Once Kat's Naturals said they would work with me, I knew I had to give them to him to try.

The 2 oils they sent me were Heal and Relax. Heal is flavored with peppermint and Relax with orange. 

This the Heal oil. It is 1500mg CBD per ounce which is the strongest my grandpa had ever used. He had only used 300mg before. My grandpa was so cute, he called me to tell me how he liked it, he even offered to type something up for me. He really is the cutest!
He told me "I have used 3 other companies CBD oil before, this makes the 4th, and this is by far my favorite." He proceeded to tell me that…

Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit fragrances is an amazing company. I'll add their story so you guys can read about them. :)

   "Our fragrances were designed to be combined! Layer, mix    and match to create a new personalized scent that embodies season, occasion, personality, or current mood. You decide how you want to reinvent your scent! What we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in them. That’s why our products are vegan, contain natural essential oils and free of parabens, sulphates and dyes. We are proud to be cruelty-free and made in the spirited USA! The names of our 4 fragrances each have double-meanings; Spring Jasmine, Driftwood, Chill and First Snow may sound seasonal but our scents are versatile and can be worn all year round. The names are also metaphors that represent personality traits. Our Spring Jasmine girl is likely to resemble the season of spring, a ray of sunshine, cheerful and full of life. Our First Snow girl is likely to be bold, fierce and cool much like th…


Petlinks was very kind and sent me over one of their mystery motion electronic motion toy and the scratchers choice scratching pad. 

Only one out of 3 of my cats have claws and the one that does, does not use scratching posts so I donated the scratchers choice scratching pad to our local cat shelter. :) It will make some cats VERY happy, so a HUGE thank you to Petlinks for not only making my kitties happy, but some local kitties happy as well!
The mystery motion teaser toy was a HUGE hit in our house! All 3 of our fur babies went nuts for this toy. We even brought this over to each of our parents house for their kitties to play with. Every cat that has had the chance to play with this, loved it! 
I love that this toy keeps our fur babies entertained for so long without us having to be the ones playing too. We, much like everyone else, are always so busy. It's not always easy to find time to play with our kitties the way they want to be played with. This makes it so they get to pla…

Timber Sprout Review and Giveaway

Timber Sprout Toys was very kind and sent me over some beautiful pieces to review, donate, and use for a giveaway.

This stunning wooden camera is what will be given away in a giveaway! This wooden toy is gorgeous. The detail that went into this is amazing. The added camera strap was a great touch. I love how easy this is to take care of and clean. simply wipe with a warm cloth and reapply coconut oil when the wood starts to dry. Not only does the coconut oil help add moisture to the wood but it also makes the toy taste good. LOL

 Next are the SUPER cute teethers. The butterfly and the bird. Once again, she added so much detail to these adorable little toys. I have been a huge fan of wooden toys for little ones for a while. I love the simplicity of them and the overall look. 
Timber Sprout Toys will make the perfect Christmas gift for the little one or expectant parent. I promise, whoever receives a Timber Sprout Toy will be overjoyed to receive a beautiful wooden toy like these! Now wh…

Geomag Mechanics

Geomag was very kind and sent me over their 243 piece set. I have never seen anything like this before. These gravity mechanics set are a more intense version of legos. My husband was so giddy when these arrived. He wanted to open it right away and play with it. It uses magnets and gravity to make this work.

This is Swiss made and you can tell. Mechanics gravity is very well made. They are strong and durable. I love that the 243 piece allows you to build so many different tracks. I also love that you have the option to buy more sets with different amounts of pieces and they will all work together. It allows you to potentially build a GIANT track. 
Another really cool thing that I like is that Geomag has tons of videos and instructions for sample tracks that you can watch/read. It was really useful when we first got this, we didn't really know how/what to build at first so having samples was really helpful.
Make sure you head to their site HERE, to order one of these awesome kits f…

Jewelry Keepsakes Review

Jewelry Keepsakes sent me over one of their amazing personalized wallet cards. I picked the silver delight wallet card that has a picture on the left and a message on the right. I picked a wedding picture of my husband and I and a cute little quote.

It comes in this cute little keepsake box. I love when specialty items come with a box for safe keeping/storing when not using. It helps protect the precious item. 

Ignore the glare, it's super shiny so the reflection was inevitable.  LOL The wallet card is made from stainless steel and is laser engraved. I am planning on surprising my husband with this as one of his Christmas gifts. Thankfully, he read NONE of my reviews on my blog (thanks for the support, honey ;)) 
I had the pleasure of working with Hallie from Jewelry Keepsakes. She is so kind and very helpful. We emailed back and forth many times making sure that the wallet card was everything I hoped for and wanted. Hallie went above and beyond for me to make sure it turned out ab…

Enviro-log Review and Giveaway

Enviro-Log was very kind and sent me over 2 of their 5 pound logs and 8 of their fire starters.

The logs come in either 3 or 5 pound logs. They are made from 100% recycled wax cardboard.

The fire starters are made with ecofriendly wax that burns clean.

You simply pull the paper slightly away from the wax and place under the wood, light the paper and it will burn for 20-30 minutes. These make starting fires so easy!
I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical at first, I am someone who can start a fire with a lighter and kindling so I thought these were pointless.. Boy, was I wrong. Firstly, the logs burn longer and hotter than most wood we burn in our fire pit. Secondly, These are even easier to start then anything else I've tried. 
I really love that you can use these in fireplaces, woodstoves, chimeneas, and campfires. They are great for heating and cooking! It's great that this product not only burns great but is also safe to not only breath in but to also cook on. You ne…


Kidskin was very kind and sent me over 5oz gentle skin cleanser, 2oz calming moisturizer, and their .5oz Z-blast serum. I love that this company specializes in kid skin care. There aren't many kid skin care companies that target younger kids and tweens. You always see brands that are for acne for teenagers but never for younger kids. Kidskin is a great way for younger kids to get into the habit for healthy skincare and teaching them the importance of washing your face.

I have such sensitive skin, I've tried so many brands growing up. I suffered with acne from a VERY young age and still suffer with it as an adult. I even tried proactive growing up and that stuff ruined my skin!! I wish I had a line like this when I was dealing with troublesome skin! I love that their items are paraben fee, sulfate free, fragrance free, and gluten free.
Make sure you head to their site HERE to order some for your kid/tweens.
Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my hone…

Inspirational Wall Signs Review and Giveaway

Inspirational Wall Signs was so kind and sent me over the cutest quote. My cousin is about to have a baby and was looking for a cute quote to finish off the nursery. I knew as soon as I saw this quote, that it was perfect for her.

A few things I wanted to point out before I start the actual review. I was so excited once this arrived, I failed to take pictures of the packaging or what the decal looked like before going up on the wall (sorry but I was giddy.) Secondly, I didn't take as many pictures of the process as I had hoped but once we started, I wasn't thinking about pictures, but I will explain how it worked below. :)

When you get your decal, it will come in a tube, rolled up with instructions, a squeegee, and a cute business card. The quote is stuck between 2 pieces of papers. The instructions are VERY easy and simple to follow.  First, make sure that your wall is clean and dry. Next lay the decal flat on a hard surface and use the squeegee to press all the letters down.…

Green Garmento

Green Garmento was very kind and sent me over one of their Gigantote, and one of their delux pouch bags. I am not someone who uses a lot of garment bags but these are different than any other garment bags I have seen before. They are multi purpose which is great and they are heavy duty fabric that will last a long time.

Fill it, wear it, or carry it. I love that they show you the multiple ways you can use it. We are currently using this to store my husbands suite.

Next is the Gigantote, this bad boy is AMAZING! I'm not sure if you guys have a Sam's Club by you or Aldi but those are two stores that I shop at a lot and both of those stores do not bag your groceries. These bag are PERFECT, 2 bags fill up a traditional cart, they don't fill up the sams cart but it's close. I also love the multi use of these large bags. I brought mine to Sam's Club the recently and the cashier kept saying how much she loved these! I have to say, they make lugging in tons of groceries so…

Wall Charmers Review and Giveaway

Wall Charmers was very kind and sent me over their mini faux unicorn head to review. They are also letting me host a giveaway so one lucky winner will win a mini wall charmer of their own!

How cute? This mini unicorn head is so adorable. Faux animal heads are super popular right now. Wall Charmers has a HUGE variety of animals to pick from as well as wide range of colors. I've seen a ton of nursery's lately that have been using these faux animal heads as decorations and I think they are so cute! 
My little 7 year old cousin is obsessed with unicorns! I decided to give this to her, she hung this in her play room and loves it! I was very impressed with not only the quality of the product, but also the Wall Charmers customer service. Everyone I spoke to at Wall Charmers was so kind and extremely helpful. On top of having a LARGE variety of animals to pick from, the have super affordable prices, especially for the quality of the product.
The unicorn came packed with Styrofoam, the…