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Babylit Books

About Babylit Books
"With the timeless popularity of classic writers like Lewis Carroll, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare, BabyLit® is a fashionable way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature.
At BabyLit, we believe in the power of reading. Why? Because books take us places. Good places. And when we read with a child, we go places together. It’s more than just reading. It’s learning. It’s experiencing. It’s growing. If a million copies of our books encourage just one parent to read with their child, we will have succeeded. And printed a lot of books. So while the world wonders why babies need classic literature, we will be reading."

Namaste Foods

Namaste Foods is a gluten free food manufacturer with an extensive line of products, including baked goods, pizza crust, flour blends and pasta dishes. Daphne Taylor founded Namaste Foods as a way to help create gluten free and allergen free foods for a friend’s son. In addition to being gluten free, Namaste Foods are also free of soy, potato, corn, tree nuts, peanuts, casein and dairy. Their products are made in dedicated allergen-free facilities and contain no GMO (genetically modified) ingredients.

I had the opportunity to try two of their products, the Pasta Pisavera and the Spice Cake (yes, cake). The Pasta Pisavera is pasta and a spice packet. The package offers ways to jazz up the dish with different vegetables to add more flavors and nutrients to the dish. As someone tha doesn’t need to avoid gluten, I am always impressed with how great gluten free pasta is—and this product was no exception. Paying close attention to the cooking time, the pasta was the perfect texture and consi…

Lady Cremo Shaving Cream

DescriptionThis product is made for women who have trouble with razor rash, bumps, and nicks. When you have these sorts of issues, what’s usually going on is that there is insufficient lubrication between the razor and your skin. That causes it to drag on your skin, which in turn causes it to start pulling bits of flesh away making you bleed. This is what also causes it to really fail in giving you a close result. With the right product, that can change dramatically.
Lady Cremo Cream Shaving Cream is designed so that it has no air in it. Essentially, most of the products like this that you would pick up at a grocery store are really foams and they are mostly air. That means that there really is not as much between your flesh and the blade as you might think. With this, there is plenty. One of the things that people sometimes forget is that it’s a good idea to refresh whatever you’re using while you are getting rid of unwanted hair between passes. This provides extra glide; and even tho…

Bake It Pretty

I love Baking. It is one of my many passions. Anyone who bakes will tell you that the first step to making a beautiful baked goods is having the right tools. While you might think it can be expensive to purchase the right tools, it really isn't. Make sure that when you are shopping you remind yourself that spending a little money on high quality products now, will save you from having to spend more money replacing tools later. That is one of the reasons I love Bake it Pretty. You can get some of the best products on the market without having to go broke in the process.

Bake It Pretty has a HUGE selection of cupcake liners. They have several different colors and patterns to choose from making it easy for you to match with your party decor or theme. They even have foil cupcake liners. Bake It Pretty cupcake liners are brightly colored. If you are anything like me, you have noticed that not all cupcake liners are created equally. I am rather picky when it comes to cupcake liners. Afte…

John WM Macy's Cheese Sticks ande Crisps

John Wm Macy’s CheeseSticks, CheeseCrisps and SweetSticks combine aged cheeses, sourdough and select spices, baked twice for “the perfect crunch!” Each twisted breadstick is made by laminating multiple layers of sharp cheddar cheese and fresh sourdough, hand-twisting strips of the layered dough and baking them twice to a satisfying crunch!

Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling

In 2002, stay at home mothers, Kendra and Amy, came together and formed Smart Mom LLC.  They had a vision of making teethable jewelry that was fashionable for mothers to wear and safe for babies to chew on.  They are also a family orientated business so if you call them, don’t be surprised if you hear the joyful squeals of children in the background, as they allow children in their office.

I Received the bling rainbow tumbler. My favorite thing about Smart Mom Jewelry is that they have SOO many different styles and color options to choice from. I am a fan of bright colors so this one was right up my alley. They also have more practical necklaces that are single color pendants. 

With little ones always wanting to grab and chew on anything and everything they can get their little hands on, having a necklace that is cute and they can chew on is incredible. I definitely recommend Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling for all little ones.

True Organics Juice

About Grimmway Farms:“The story of Grimmway begins right here in an agricultural haven known as the Southern San Joaquin Valley in central California. The Grimm brothers began nurturing their family business in the fertile soil of Kern County more than 3 decades ago. Today, their roots run deep. Grimmway Farms has grown to become the largest grower, producer and shipper of carrots in the world; but the family still insists on walking the fields, visiting the processing facilities and performing their own brand of quality assurance – every single day. In 1968 when Rod and Bob Grimm set up their first roadside produce stand, the brothers made a promise: always take care of the customer. Decades later, that promise has never been broken. Grimmway Farms’ dedication to consistent quality and dependable service has made us the global leader in our industry. Yet no matter how the size and scope of our company grows, every Grimmway employee is committed to staying true to our founding philosoph…