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Petlinks review

Petlinks was so kind and sent me 3 of their items to review. They sent me their sky scratch, hyper hide and play, and their supreme soother gel memory foam pet bed. The picture below is also of another brand (smartkat) a review on those 3 items will be coming up. :)

So the first thing i'm going to talk bout is their memory foam pet bed. I received the bed in a size medium I'm a cream color. I've always spoiled my kitties, my oldest Gurdy has had a bed since she  was 3 months old. I eventually had to throw that one away because it became aged and kinda gross after a few years. The one from Petlinks has a removable cover that is machine washable so you now longer have to worry about spot cleaning your bed and or throwing it away after a while. 

As you can see, my baby loves it! She refuses to get out of it in fear one of her siblings will take it over. Its made for a medium size dog or one Gurdy ;) I have never felt a dog/cat bed that is as soft and comfortable as this one. …

Premama Review

Premama sent me 3 of their drink mixes to review. I was sent the lactation supplement, prenatal vitamin + DHA, and their prenatal energy. Each kind came in a box with 28 packets in it.

All 3 can be taken once daily. I was intrigued by the prenatal drink mix. Not too often do you find prenatals that aren't pills or gummies. The flavor of the prenatal is citrus, lactation is mixed berry and the energy is watermelon. I also received 4 different recipes that you can make using the mixes. Makes taking supplements, vitamins or any of the other items you may purchase from premama just a little bit more delicious/exciting to eat. I am a HUGE coffee drinker, it used to be just for the taste but it very quickly became for the caffeine. I don't drink pop very often and I'm trying to cut back on my caffeine so the energy drink mix was a nice, different alternative. Instead of caffeine and stimulants, it has vitamin B to boost energy and to even help with morning sickness. Premama also…

Healthtex Review

Healthtex was very kind and sent me 2 of their dresses to review. Healthtex is exclusively sold at Walmart. One of them any great things about this brand is how affordable their clothes are. Baby/childrens clothes are outrageously expensive, especially because they grow so dang fast! Healthtex makes adorable items that you want to put your little ones in and for a price that will not break the bank. Check out the 2 dresses they sent me below.

Each dress is under $6! They are made with cotton and polyester, they use bright non dulling colors and they have prints that will work for anyone. They offer seasonal items with cute little sayings, adorable swim suits, sets, and so much more. After receiving the 2 dresses, I knew I had to do some investigating of my own. I went to Walmart and typed in Healthtex to see everything to offer. Remember when I said how they were affordable? Yeah... they have some things on clearance for $3 or less... I am a huge fan and I'm very impressed with th…

Babydeedee Review

Babedeedee was so kind and sent me over 3 things to review. They sent me one of their sleep kickers the toddler sleep jumper in size 2T-4T in the color grey/pink as well as two of their sleep nest teddy the faux fur sleeping bag size small (0-6months) in the colors blue and pink.

Pictured above is the sleep kicker. At first I thought these were kind silly but after reading up on it and watching it in use, I am a huge fan, especially for this time of the year. I live in Michigan, so the fall/ winter months can be brutal. The Sleep Kicker is an easy way to keep your toddler warm without them having to wear the dreaded footsie pajamas. Am I the only one who doesn't know a toddler that actually likes footie pjs? They get too hot, they don't like the restrictions... The sleep kicker is the best of both worlds. It's a footless pajama which the littles one love but it is SO warm. You can pair this with a long sleeve onesie like I did to add warmth to their arms because it is a ta…

Evanger's Premium Foods For Pets Review

Evanger's was very kind and sent me a bag of their gently dried treats, flavor beef lungs, for dogs, cats, and ferrets. I did have to tear this up in order for me to feel comfortable giving this to my cats. I was afraid they would choke on it if I didn't. #helicoptermom

They also sent me their meat lovers medley with rabbit for cats. Their food is food for all stages of life which is great for our family because we have 3 cats, all different ages. All 3 of our cats LOVED this dry cat food. I love the great natural ingredients, no corn, no wheat, no soy, gluten free, and no artificial color or flavor. If I eat natural, so should my pets! :)

And they also sent me 6 cans of cat food. My cats only get canned food on special occasions.... BOY did they go nuts for this stuff!! They sent me chicken and polyhauai'i berry, tuna aubergine with snapper and eggplant, and tuna toscano with tomato and salmon... How fancy, right? I was reading the names and laughing to myself but then I …

Life Laundry Detergent Sheets Review

Life was very kind and sent me a 10 pack of their laundry detergent sheets to review. I was kinda put off when I first saw this to be honest, how strange that something that looks like a piece of paper is going to actually clean my clothes...

It's simple, use one sheet for a small load (6lbs) two sheets for a medium load (11lbs) or three sheets for a large loaf (21lbs). 
My husband and I typically only do laundry when we have a full/large load of laundry. Life Detergent Sheets make it so easy and quick to do laundry. Put the clothes in the washing machine and throw in some sheets and your done. No more measuring liquid in caps of the bottles, or filling up little containers to put into the wash. And if you guys are anything like you me, you appreciate anything that helps cut down on time. If a brand can save me a few minutes doing things I hate doing, I am most likely going to love the product. I also love that it is fragrance and color free so it's safe for sensitive skin lik…

Seventh Generation Baby Home Party Review

Alight guys, so I'm sure a lot of you know about the brand Seventh Generation. They are a free & clear brand that has all natural products. They offer these really cool home parties that ANYONE can do. You simply sign up and if you are lucky, you can host a party at your house for your friends and family. My party was for 12 people. I will insert pictures below of everything I received as well as descriptions of the items. :) The really cool thing about hosting a party is that it is completely free and it allows you and your guests to try samples of their products for free! They make it really simple and fun! They send you papers explaining how everything works so its easy and fun for the host as well.

The Agenda page is pretty self explanatory, it gives you a layout to follow so you don't have to just guess the easiest and most flowing way to do things. :)

The top picture is a fact sheet about cleaning products. You can use this to read from to give facts or pass it aroun…

Loving Pets Review

I was lucky to receive one of Loving Pets Le Bol for cats to review. I got the extra small bowl in the color purple.

As you can see, it's gorgeous. The bowl is top rack dishwasher safe, extremely durable, skid free, cleans easy, rubber base, low noise, and skid preventing. The high gloss makes the paw print and the ribbed edges look even more defined. My poor male cat has to deal with all the pretty colors and girly things because the other 2 cats are girls, but, he doesn't seem to mind too much. :) I actually purchased a loving pet bowl before and I loved it so when they wanted to work with me I was thrilled! They do have different lines of bowls so this one was new to me. I was pleased with how this bowl held up. For being an extra small bowl, it actually holds a good amount of food, my 3 cats share one bowl and I never have any issues. I also have a cat that likes to push the bowl all around my dining room and this makes it so she cant do it (HAHA ALPHA, owner win!) but for…

Wisemom Baby Boutique Reivew

Alright guys, are you ready for one of the cutest onesies there is? Wisemom Baby Boutique was so kind and is letting me review one of their onesies for you!

I mean come on?! Is this not the cutest onesie ever? My husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan so when I saw this, I knew this was the one I had to review. So first things first, they have great prices! All of their things are very reasonably priced and are very cute! They have hoodies and sweatshirt sets, sets, onesies and sleepers, rompers and jumpsuits, and accessories. The Star Wars onesie costs $13.23. They just redid their site so everything is discounted. :) The items are shipped and made in china so it does take a little longer to receive the items than if you ordered from carters but it's worth it! Because the items are made in china the sizing is different than what we are used to. The size I received was 100 which is comparable to a 12 month. I was worried about the quality but let me tell ya, it's a nice thick fabric…

UpSpring Probiotic & Colostrum Supplement Review.

Alright guys, lets talk probiotics. I know that supplements can be a touching subject for some people. I don't care what you decide to do with your kids, there is too much criticism in this world when it comes to parenting. Do what YOU think is right for you and your kids! Now back to the review of UpSring... I was sent their probiotic & colostrum supplements. The box came with 30 packets that look like this,

UpSpring's probiotic & colostrum is the most complete probiotic for babies. It does double duty, helping to reduce occasional digestive upset while also providing immune support. It has 5 billion active CFUs per serving, 6 clinically proven probiotic straws including lactobacillus, helps reduce occasional gas, diarrhea, and constipation, naturally harvested bovine colostrum, prebiotic fiber supports beneficial bacteria, flavorless powder can be added to cool food or drink. For infants 0-4 months old give half a packet per day and for infants 4+ months old give 1 …

Dr. Elsey's Review

Dr. Elsey's was very kind and sent me a coupon to try one of their cat litters as well as two samples of their clean protein chicken recipe cat food which is good for all cats and for all life cycles. I'm always looking for the best cat litter! I actually just adopted a one eyed cat named popeye so now we have THREE cats... so a good litter is a MUST for us! I also like to give them the best food I possibly can and Dr. Elsey's makes it easy with their cat food. Because Popeye is only 4 months old, he's still considered a kitten and should be on kitten food but not with Dr. Elsey's. :)

As we are still adjusting to life with 3 cats, we are separating them and they are using separate littler boxes. The kind I decided to try was the multi-cat strength litter. The really awesome thing about Elsey's is how many types of litter they have. They have some for kittens, multi cat, scented, relief, so many options. You can pick the best one for your kitten, cat or multiple…

Chuao Chocolatier Review

Are you guys ready for one SWEET review? Chuao Chocolatier sent me their holiday line as well as all the kinds they sell at CVS. The flavors they sent me was

HoneycombPotato ChipFirecrackerCaramel Apple CrushSalted Chocolate CrunchBaconluxiousFor The Love PeppermintHope, Joy & GingerbreadSnuggle Up S'mores

My favorite was by far the snuggle me s'mores. The mini marshmallows are minty and soft! The quality of the chocolate is not comparable to all the other store bought chocolate I've tried. I think these will make the PERFECT stocking stuffers. They have something for EVERYONE! The one that was different was the bacon one. I was nervous about trying something with bacon in it, i'm not a huge fan of bacon to begin with so I was worried it would ruin the chocolate for me, good news.. It didn't. :) I highly recommend any of their chocolates! They even offer gift sets! Make sure you check out their site and pick up some of their goodies for your loved ones or if you…

Daily Goodie Box Review

Daily Goodie Box sent me one of their boxes to review, I was very pleased when I received it and opened it up.

The pictures above is what the box looks like as well as what it looks like when you first open your box.  They had so many items packed into a small box. The items I received were napz short-term sleep aid liquid ice energy drink pure lano lip gloss Mirabella eyeliner instant tea ginger honey crystals laceys macadamia & milk chocolate 3 samples of get your fix hot sauce black forest organic sour heads vive hangover prevention

The picture above is all the items that I received. One of my favorite things was the macadamia and milk chocolate wafer as well as the eyeliner. I really like that the box includes a little bit of everything. Gummies that kids would like, hot sauce which my husband loved, hangover prevention for those crazy college kids, and makeup for girls like me.
I was very impressed overall with goodie box. The really cool thing about goodie box is that they w…