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The Beard King

The Beard King was very kind and sent me over their white beard bib in exchange for my honest review. My fiancé has a big beard and used to trim his face over the bathroom sink and would leave such a mess. He always claimed that he cleaned it up but I would be finding little beard hairs around for days after he shaved.

The beard bib completely changes the shaving game! I don't worry about shave day anymore and finding little hairs for days after. You simply suction cup one end of the bib to the mirror and snap the other end around your neck. All of your hairs go into the bib. When you're done shaving you simply unhook the suction cups and dump the hairs into the trash! The beard bib simply rolls away into itself and zips up in its own zipper pouch which makes for easy, simple storing and makes it easy to travel with!

Dr. Fedorenko True Organics

Dr. Fedorenko sent me over their sugar scrub and their dream cream in exchange for my honest review.

Sugar Scrub:
With the sweet scent of coconut wafting through the room, this scrub will transport your mind to a tropical island! That scent comes from the luxurious, 100% USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil that helps detox, moisturize, balance and replenish skin. To help this wonder oil work its magic, premium grade cane sugar exfoliates you to baby-like smoothness. Vitamin K and Neem oils soothe the freshly scrubbed skin, while boosting elasticity and provide anti-aging power. Follow with our deeply moisturizing Dream Cream to take your experience to next-level bliss– and your skin to next-level softness.
Handcrafted in Sag Harbor, this scrub is a bathroom essential to prepare for special occasions, or simply to enjoy the beauty of an at-home spa day.
Vegan – 100% Organic Content – Eco-Friendly Ingredients – USDA Certified – No Synthetic Fragrances or Colors – No Chemicals – …

Recipe Table review

Recipe Table is a monthly subscription that will ship 10 recipe cards subscribers every month, subscribers have the option to send them their recipes for a chance to have their family recipes featured in their boxes. Recipe Tables number one goal with  the subscription service is to give families, and significant others a fun new way to bond in the kitchen.

The first ten recipes were southern classics.
Sharon's Buttermilk Biscuits Sue's Flaky Pie CrustNannie's Southern Sweet TeaJanice's Southern Friend ApplesLindsay's Sausage BallsMartha's Zucchini BreadBetty's Deviled EggsBrenda's Gooey Pecan PieLinda's Cornbread MuffinsLucy's Sausage Gravy

I am a huge fan of the idea of a monthly recipe subscription service. I am engaged to be married and this is perfect! Every month we get 10 recipes that we can make together and make ourselves a nice cookbook with all our favorite recipes.

Diono Review

Diono sent me a few products in exchange for my honest review. I received the stuff 'n scuff and the stow 'n go.

The stuff 'n scuff is a seat back protector. It has 2 large cargo pockets which can hold goodies for kids. It is made from a waterproof fabric, has a pop-open design which holds its shape and its a universal fit.  For anyone who has ever been in a car with a little one, you know how much they like to put their shoes on the back of the front seats. This protects the seats as well as gives the kids storage space for a few of their goodies.

The next thing I received was the stow n go. This is similar to the stuff n scuff but the entire thing is full of pockets and compartments for all of your little ones needs. It has a dual layer of waterproof fabric, it has a universal attachment, it has utility pockets, cargo pockets, and mesh storage pockets as well as drink holders. This is PERFECT for long car rides. Kids get so bored during car rides and this helps. You can …

Green Goo

Green Goo sent me 2 things in exchange for my honest review. The first thing I received was the lavender foaming hand soap made with coconut and sunflower oils.

I opened this and the first thing I did was smell it.... Holy cow... This smells so good! I want this scent in a body wash so my entire body can smell like this! It is so relaxing and VERY moisturizing. I work in an adult foster care home, I give showers, help with toileting and much more, so I wash my hands pretty frequently. My hands are constantly dry because of that.. Green Goo foaming hand soap doesn't dry out my hands.

The second thing I received was the Green Goo mama and baby travel pack. The travel pack came with 4 things, the baby balm, belly balm, nursing comfort, and herbal sitz bath. The baby balm helps with diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, dry skin, massages, baby acne, moisture head to toe. The belly balm helps with stretch marks, moisturizes, soothes dry and itchy skin, calming massage. The nur…

Learning Resources review

Learning Resources was kind and sent me over Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Building Set to review for them.

Boppy Pillow review

Boppy sent me 2 of their boppy pillows in exchange for my honest review. Boppy pillows/nursing pillows are extremely popular right now, lots of companies have released their version of a nursing pillow and I have tried a few of them. Boppys nursing pillow is still my favorite. I love how versatile they are! They work from birth thru toddler years. We have sleepovers with our cousins pretty regularly and he loves to lay in the pillow while watching movies. This is also vey useful for little ones who want to hold babies and grandparents who aren't strong enough to hold them for an extended period of time. Cooper (big brother) said "he likes holding Cavlin with the pillow rather than without."

These making nursing way easier, especially right after birth when you're sore. The added support the pillow gives takes stress away from mama so nursing can be as bonding as it possible can. The boppy pillow has a tag on which explains how to use the pillow for different ages. …

The Car Seat Key review and giveaway

The Car Seat key was very kind and sent me one of their car seat keys to review and one to giveaway. As always this review is my honest opinion and I only review products that I truly love and use in my everyday life.

Below is the website where The Car Seat Keys are sold and some faqs from their website. FAQ What Is The Car Seat Key? The Car Seat Key makes it simple to press in the red harness release button on children's car seats. It takes about 9 to 13 pounds of pressure to press the button in. With The Car Seat Key you can distribute the pressure throughout your whole hand or even two hands instead of having to use one finger. The Car Seat Key makes removing your child from their carseat quicker and easier. The Car Seat Key is stored on your car keys for easy convenience, safely kept away from your child at all times. Who does this help?  People with lack of hand strength, arthritis, carpal tunnel, long nails & other problems.

Peapod Mats

Peapod Mats were very kind and sent me one of their 3x5 waterproof mats in the color mauve in exchange for my honest review.  The 3x5 mat retails for $55.84 and can be purchased online at their store or at any of the stores listed below.
ALZHEIMER’S STORE, USA www.alzstore.comAMAZON, USA BATH & BEYOND, USA www.bedbathandbeyond.comBUY BUY BABY, USA www.buybuybaby.comDIAPER SHOPS, USA www.diapershops.comRATTLE AND ROLL BABY, Dickinson ND, USA www.rattleandrollbaby.comREADY GO MAMA, USA www.readygomama.comWALMART, USA explains the difference between their waterproof mats compared to others.

The big difference? PeapodMats lie flat ON TOP of sheets with a grippy material underneath that allows the mat to remain stationary and in-place WITHOUT flaps, straps or Velcro. This means there is no need to tuck or wrap the mat around the mattress or mattress corners.  With the design of the PeapodMat, not only does it remain stationary,…

Pure Growth Organic review and giveaway

Pure Growth Organic sent me 3 different things to try and review for them. They sent me their crispy rice squares, chocolate chip oatmeal bites, and cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal bites. I'm always nervous to try organic snacks. Often times I find that organic snacks compromise flavor for healthy. These snacks are not like those snacks! My favorite were the cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal bites!

I love the portion size of these snacks. It satisfies my sweet tooth without leaving me feel guilty for snacking. I will say the crispy rice squares were a little flimsy. As I held it, it kept breaking off into pieces but the flavor was so good so I didn't mind the crumbles too much.

Pure Growth Organics is also giving one of my lucky viewers a sample pack of some of their goodies!

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Salonpas review and giveaway

Salonpas was SUPER sweet and sent me everything, yes EVERYTHING, they have out currently. and they are also doing a giveaway for one of you lucky people to receive the same package I did.  I am only 24 years old but thanks to a lot of the sports I did as growing up, I now am left with tendonitis, aches and pains in my hips from gymnastic and loads of other things. Salonpas is one of those brands that works great and FAST. Every single thing I have tried from them is amazing, I tell everyone I know about salonpas if they bring up aches and pains.

1. Salonpas pain relieving jet spray:
I was a bit intimidated by this at first... I mean... jet spray... BUT, it works wonders, I have my fiancé spray this on my lower back before bed and it completely relaxes my muscles and lets me sleep.

2. Salonpas deep relieving gel:
This is my go to! I keep this bad boy in my purse! This REALLY helps my wrists when my tendonitis is acting up. its a clear, non greasy gel that soaks into your skin fast and …

Hartz review and giveaway

Hartz was so kind and sent me a bundle of tog dogs to review!

Tuff Stuff

Tug of Fun


Tuff Stuff Flyer

Chew'n clean

Dura play bacon scented ball

So know that everyone can see what they gave for me to review, lets review the products! I only have cats but I hate plenty of family and friends with dogs! I spent time with a couple different people and their pups, playing and watching them interact with the toys. The top picks were the bacon flavored dura play ball and the tuff stuff flyer! All toys were played with for sure but those were the top 2 that EVERY dog I had the chance to play with loved!

One thing I've noticed about all pet toys is that they are expensive! Hartz toys are reasonably priced and they are high quality so they last a long time! I've seen dogs rip apart a brand new toy within minutes! I played with 4 pups and every one of the toys still look new!

Hartz is also hosting a giveaway for my viewers!

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