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Anther Review! This time on sWheat scoop cat litter!

Fill your litter box with sWheat Scoop Premium+ Natural Clumping Wheat Cat Litter, an all-around better litter. It uses the power of natural plant extracts to eliminate odors instead of harmful chemicals, which is better for you, your pet and the environment. The secret is exclusive Noble Ion Technology that infuses wheat enzymes with noble ions to neutralize litter box odors. It’s extremely effective odor control. This high-performing litter has no added dyes, perfumes or dust and is 100% biodegradable. Clumps are fast-forming, firm and compact for easy scooping. sWheat Scoop Premium+ works well for single- or multiple-cat homes.
As always has one to two day shipping, the best prices you can find and the best variety of products. I love that I don't need to go to the store for my pets necessities any more. I especially love not having to lug around cat litter. ships is right your house, simple and q…

Flap Jacked Protein Pancake & Baking Mix Review

Flap Jacked sent me over one of their protein pancake & baking mix in the flavor cinnamon apple.

Made using real apples, whole oats and coconut flour, these protein pancakes are light and fluffy yet loaded with vitamins and minerals, and deliver a flavorful blend both kids and adults love. Each serving contains ½ teaspoon of cinnamon to help balance your blood sugar. A delicious and wholesome mix great for active people with busy lifestyles. Simply add water to make pancakes or use as a flour replacement in your favorite recipes.
I have used this to make pancakes and waffles. My husband is a waffle fan and I'm a fan of pancakes so of course I had to make both. My husband normally isn't a huge fan of fruit flavored things but he LOVED this! I paired this with some apple flavored syrup and it was seriously the best pancakes/waffles I have ever had. These bad boys are also packed with protein. Each serving has 20g of protein but you can make it even more packed by using milk in…

Townley Girl Review

Townley Girl just came out with an Incredibles 2 line and they sent me over 3 of their super cute sets.

Townley Girl has kid friendly makeup, nail polish, and other cute accessories. All of their products smell so dang good! The chapsticks don't really do anything like help with chap lips but kids sure do love them. I gave these to my 6 year old cousin and she went nuts over them. Not only are they the Incredibles 2 themed which is something she's obsessed with but she's also super into makeup lately. Having kid friendly makeup that you don't have worry about your little ones having is such a good feeling. No more telling them they can't play with makeup. Just make sure they have their own little make up kit and they'll be good to go.
 Head over to their site to check out all the lines they have to offer!
Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend product that I would use personally or… Review

It's time for another review. This time on Frisco Grass Cat Littler. Now some cats are very particular about their litter and changing brands/types. Thankfully my cats aren't too picky. I've never used cat litter like this before so I was nervous. I wasn't sure how this would hold up being a scoopable cat litter. I was very impressed! This litter held up for my 3 cats. I never had any stink issues with this and I love that it is all natural.

This cat litter almost looks like sawdust which was a bit different than what I was used to but it has quickly become my favorite litter to use! It has low dust, fast and solid clumping and it masks smells. As always, has super fast shipping and VERY great prices. I can not find beatable prices from any other store! Make sure you head over to their site and check out all the pet goodies they have to offer. chewy

Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend p…

Conceive Easy Review

Before I go into too much detail, I want to say not many people talk about trying to conceive. The difficulties that go along with it, the emotions, nothing. I've always been VERY open, with all aspects of my life. So this review is going to be in depth and might be TMI for some of your. So mom, if you're reading, you may want to skip this one. ;)

Conceive Easy was very kind and sent me over a free TTC (trying to conceive) kit. Conceive Easy is to help conceive quicker and easier. My kit included a 2 month supply of reproductive support tablets, a thermometer to take your basal body temp daily, 10 ovulation tests, and 10 pregnancy tests. Conceive Easy normally charges you $39.95 but they offer EVERYONE a free month to try it out for themselves. If you aren't satisfied, simply return the bottles of supplements (even if empty), and you won't be billed for the next month.

This is what you see when you first open the box.

It includes directions and a graph so you can mark …

I Play Review

I Play sent me over 3 items to review. They sent me an organic swaddle blanket, disposable compressed wipes, and infant spoons.

This organic swaddle blanket is so soft! It is muslin material so it get softer the more you wash which is GREAT! It's the perfect size, and the perfect shape being a square. I really dislike when swaddle blankets are too small and can only be used for a short period of time. I also love this color, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is the perfect green, not too bright and not too dark.

The next thing are these disposable compressed wipes. I have never heard of these before so I was very intrigued when I first got them. This key chain like tube comes with 10 compressed wipes. Simply add water and they expand to the above picture. I was kinda skeptical when first saw these.. I thought that regular wipes are so much more practical but I gotta be honest, I love these! The wipes are the perfect thickness, and moistened to your liking. You are in charg…

Baltic Essentials Review

Baltic Essentials sent me over one of their many adorable collections. They sent me over their amber teething necklace with Baltic amber and pink rose quartz. They sent me the newborn bracelet and necklace, the toddler necklace , and the mommy bracelet that matches.

Baltic amber helps with inflammation, relief of teething symptoms, red cheeks, drooling, fever, and fussiness. It also helps with anxiety, pain, stress, swelling, and general aches and pains. The pink rose quartz alleviates sadness and grief, helps ease lose, calm stress, helps build confidence, and quells anger.
I didn't know much about the healing effects of amber necklaces but once I started doing some research I knew that I needed to use these. One big misconception is that they are meant to be chewed on. They are worn as a necklace or wrapped around and wrist or ankle. The amber releases microscopic amounts of oil that is absorbed into the skin. You should always remove necklaces, bracelets, and ankle bracelets b… Review

Image sent me over a new product they recently starting carrying. They just started selling the brand Only Natural Pet. They are non toxic, no harsh chemicals or odors, and organic. I received the Pet Stain & Odor Remover in the scent mandarin green tea.

First, I love that this is an organic, toxic free product. We often times neglect using organic cleaners around out pets, but they are just as sensitive as us and kiddos. Secondly, this stuff smells amazing! We've used so many kinds of stain and odor removers of the years with our 3 cats but they always smell like a cleaner. This stuff, really does smell like mandarin green tea. I wouldn't mind having this scent as an air freshener! 
Like I said before, we have 3 cats. Our cats don't have tons of hairballs or accidents but they do sometimes and this stuff is perfect for that! This stuff works great for getting out stains but I love using this for its ability to remove odors. Our male cat is forever stinky, no matte…

Humbly Kids Review and Giveaway

Humbly Kids was very kind and sent me over 2 different clothing items to review. They sent me a onesie as well as a light weight sweatshirt. Humbly Kids is such an amazing company! Below I will insert their about them.

"Kids have incredible potential to make a difference. We can help every child feel encouraged to develop their creative interests and to use those to humbly pour into others. Check out Humbly's ethical pieces with designs by kids. Join us in providing all kids, no matter how much or how little they have, opportunities to use their interests for good. With every purchase, we share your dollars with organizations equipping families with the resources they need to improve their family and their community’s lives. "
The onesie is size 6-12 months and is made out of organic cotton. All of their clothes are made from organic materials, fair trade, 100% sweatshop free, and are GOTS certified. This very well…

The Little Cove Rainbow Baby Blanket Review

The Little Cove is a beautiful shop on Etsy. The story behind why the owner, Melea started is so sweet. Her and husband suffered with infertility. While they were going through treatments, Melea started looking a patterns with crocheting in hopes that one day she would have a baby who could use all the adorable blankets and outfits. Her and her husband were blessed a baby boy via IFV. :) Once her baby was born she continue to crochet and ended up with a stock pile of items that she decided to start sharing with the us.

My husband and I recently struggled with having a miscarriage. I never really understand just how meaningful a rainbow could be until then. Now we are obsessed with everything rainbow baby. We cannot wait for the day our rainbow will come into our lives! Melea hand makes all of her pieces and boy are they stunning. She was so kind and sent me over one of her rainbow baby crocheted baby blankets.

I fell in love with this blanket the moment I saw it on her site! I love ho…

Primm N Poper Cloth Diaper Review

For those of you who don't know, my husband and I have decided to use cloth diapers instead of disposables for a number of reasons. So when I saw this rainbow baby cloth diaper from Primm N Proper, I knew I had to have it! My husband and I suffered with a miscarriage, so the next baby we have will be a rainbow baby. I knew when I saw this I wanted this. I want this to be the first diaper our baby wears. This diaper is a hybrid fitted diaper in the size newborn.

The packaging of this is super cute! They placed an adorable ribbon around the diaper that says "we can change the world" which I think is super cute to be placed on a baby item.
This is the diaper on the smallest setting. So tiny and so cute!

This is the diaper on the largest setting as well as completely unsnapped. This gets much bigger than most of the other newborn diapers we have!

Another cool feature that this diaper has is the umbilical cord snap down. When the baby is first born you don't want anything…