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Parasol Diapers and Wipes Review

Parasol was very kind and sent me over diapers and wipes in exchange for my honest review. I received 2 packs of 20 wipes and 2 packs of 8 diapers size 2 and 3. Parasol diapers are unlike most diapers out on the market currently. Every ingredient is carefully sourced with your little ones safety in mind. They use less wood pulp than most major brands. They also have some fashion-forward prints for the stylish of little ones.

The wipes are the thickest I have ever used. They are thick like cloth which is nice for that thick gross poop. You never have to worry about your finger popping throw one of these wipes (we all have been there and its nasty). Now, in order for me to like a brands diaper and wipes, they have to be good. I prefer cloth diapers, they are so much better for baby, cost, and environment. The only time I use disposables are if they are organic and used with ingredients and that I am familiar with. The one big down fall for me with these are price. I am someone who clear…

Bakery on Main Review

HOLY COW! The Bakery On Main was SO kind and sent me a TON of their products to review! And by ton, I mean the box weighed 27 pounds..... and everything was delicious.

Alright ya'll, this is everything they sent me times 2! I honestly can not pick a favorite as I am a HUGE hot cereal/oatmeal fan. My top 2 were probably the bunches of crunches dark chocolate and sea salt and the tropical nutty banana granola. This review is going to be unlike most of my reviews, normally I go into great detail about each item but that would take all day and I doubt any of you want to spend that much time reading about it. LOL But please trust me when I say that this stuff is 10x better than your plan jane quaker oats. These have great flavors, everything is gluten free and made with organic ingredients. I shared a lot of my goodies with my family and friends so they could see what I was talking about, and everyone that tried these products felt just like I did. They LOVED them!! head over to https:…

Cell-U-Logic Review

Cell-U-Logic sent me over their 3 part system which includes the anti-aging body repair cream, green coffee slimming gel, and their green coffee and seaweed detox renewing 2 in 1 soak and scrub.

So the first step is the green coffee and seaweed scrub which comes in an 8oz tub. After the scrub, you apply the green coffee slimming gel, after applying the gel you will covered the desired areas with plastic wrap as tight as you can, you will leave this on for a minimum of 30 minutes but as long as 8-10 hours, after this you will use the anti-aging body repair cream which you will massage into all areas that the slimming gel was on for 30-60 seconds. This 3 step system is targeted to help detox your body and help you lose your water weight. Now I will ALWAYS be honest you guys. This does work.....BUT its such a short term thing. Because it's removing water weight literally as soon as you start consuming liquid, you will notice the weight comes right back. But if you're looking for…

Freshly Picked Review

Freshly Picked was so kind and sent me pair of their moccasins in exchange for my honest review. For those of you who don't know, Freshly Picked have in my opinion the best moccasins on the market! They are the only shoes that stay on little ones feet, they are soft soled but strong enough for little ones to run around in, they seriously have the cutest prints I've ever seen!

The print I received is Intergalactic in the size 3 which fits most 12-18 month olds. My husband and I are HUGE space fans so their NASA line is perfect for us. I love the holographic bottom on these specific moccs. These are more on the girly side due to the silver color but these can totally be gender neuteral. Lets talk about the packaging. The moccasins come in a cute see through box so you can see the moccs. They have the name, size, as well as the sizing chart on the box. Inside of the box it has an adorable fabric bag for storing your moccs in. 
I especially like Freshly Picked moccasins for little…

Milk + Sass Macaron Review

Milk + Sass sent me 2 of their macaron detangling hairbrush & compact mirror to review. They sent me the colors raspberry and lavender.

These are the 2 colors they sent me and they are so cute! These are perfect to throw in your purse. I am someone who always carries a brush in their purse because I have such thin hair so it gets tangled so easily. This is much more compact than a normal brush and it also includes a mirror which is always convenient. I remember when I those little pop up brushes were so popular and they were AWFUL on your hair. They ripped out so much hair!! These little guys do not do that. I am a big fan of these, make sure you head to and get one for yourself.

Floatamini Swimsuit Review

Floatimini was very kind and sent me one of their one piece swimsuits in the size 3t to review.

This is the swim suit they sent me. Isn't it just darling? One of the really cool things about everything from Floatamini is that all items have a UPF 50+. A lot of swimsuit brands don't add any UV protection. And in case you didn't know, your clothes do not fully protect you from the UV rays, so the fact that they add 50+ is great! It's added protection and one less thing you have to worry about. Floatamini has SO many different styles and prints to chose from. They have bikinis, tankinis, one pieces, they have rash guard zip ups, rash guard capris, draw string bags, and more. They really do have something for everyone. 
Another great thing I love about this brand is how true to fit they are. I have ran into lots of brands being so dang small you have to go up like 2 sizes for the swimsuit to fit properly. They also never leave your little one with saggy buts! We all know t…

Heat Holders Reviews

Heat Holders sent me over 3 products to review for them. I received the thermal hat, the warmest thermal socks, as well as their thermal underwear.

The thermal hat is so WARM! I gave all the items to my dad. It's fuzzy on the inside which adds extra heat. It not only keeps you warm but it keeps the heat in!

My dad works at a concrete company so he works outside which is FREEZING in the winter, being that we live in Michigan. My dad actually had an accident with his water heater a while ago which left 3rd degree burns completely covering his left food. He had to have a skin graph as well as learn how to walk again. Due to the injury, he has VERY poor circulation in his foot which makes winter months brutal!  With that being said, These socks are the ONLY socks that keep my dads feet warm in while working outside. I am so happy he was finally able to find something that works for him, and I'm so grateful to Heat Holders for having such amazing products! I used to watch my dad c…

OOFOS Footwear Review

OOFOS was so kind and sent me 2 pairs of their super comfy shoes. I received the OOcloog geo clog in black, and their OOlala Sandal in the color cosmic pink.

These are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned! OOFOS absorbs 37% more shock than traditional shoes. These are made for comfort and long term wear. I work in an adult foster car home so I am on my feet all day long! I wear the clogs to work and I have never ended a shift with sore feet, which NEVER happened before OOFOS! I love the variety of colors and styles they offer. They even have slide on sandals as well as tennis shoes. I am HUGE fan. Now OOFOS are a little expensive but if you are on your feet like I am, you will be happy investing in these shoes! Make sure you check them out and get a pair that fits you best!

Bumbershoots By Nana Review and Giveaway

Bumbershoots By Nana was so kind and sent me over 2 of their bumbers size extra small and one bumber in a gender neutral color for one of you! The two prints I received were there baseball and fuzzy llama bumbers.

Aren't these just the cutest!? Accidental suffocation in bed is the leading cause of injury-related deaths in infants.  Multiple studies prove it is dangerous to put a loose blanket in a baby’s crib.  Bumbershoots by Nana® hand-crafts in the USA luxurious, practical wearable blankets. We call them “Bumbers!” Bumbers are designed and constructed to ensure safety and healthy development.  They provide the perfect sleep when baby outgrows the swaddle. At Bumbershoots by Nana, each cuddly Bumber is individually designed and hand-sewn in the U.S.A. to provide a sense of fun and whimsy.  We use the most luxurious materials inside and out. 
Your little one will love it like no other.  But they aren’t just beautiful, they are smart, too!  Our design is based upon child developme… Review

Image was so kind and sent me 3 things to review this month. The things I received were the tidy cats disposable litter box, blue buffalo holiday santa snacks dog treats, and the temptations holiday dinner cat treats.

I am huge fan of the tidy cats disposable cat litter box. My cats as well as most can be very picky about their litter, changing it up can often lead to them going outside of the box or in random places throughout your home. I've had that issues using certain litters so I was a little scared to try something new. My cats didn't even react to the new box, they used it right away. I love that I don't have to worry about scrapping the bottom of the regular litter box after a while. I can simply throw the entire thing away.

These Blue Santa Snacks are so cute! I tried their boo bars this past October and they were a huge hit! I love the ingredients in these, It scares me knowing some of the things we feed our pets, I am always down to try new organic/natural …

SassyCloth Cloth Diaper Review

I have 2 of the cutest diapers to review for you guys! I have a white sox and star wars print diapers.

Front of both diapers Back side of diapers on biggest setting
White sox on smallest setting, Star Wars on largest
Inside of diaper

So now that you have seen what the diapers look like, let me get into reviewing the actual diaper. Both of these are pocket style diapers. I got both diapers without inserts, but the cool thing about pocket diapers is you can add any style absorbency as you would like. My go to are prefolds. They are super absorbent and they aren't too bulky. I love how big these diapers are. They will not fit a new born which is very common for one size diapers. But a lot of one size diapers aren't very big so you end up having to buy extra big diapers during the potty training phase. I also love how many prints SassyCloth has to offer! And her prices are great! Each of these diapers was $15 which is cheaper than a lot of name brand diapers like bumgenius and grovia…

Dave's Gourmet Review and Giveaway

Dave's Gourmet was so kind and sent me 4 items to review, their overnight oats in apple nut, their gluten free pasta sauce in creamy parmesan romana, dave's insanity sauce, and their creamy garlic red pepper hot sauce.

This hot sauce is my favorite. It's not overly hot, it has just the right amount of heat. It adds so much flavor to any dish you add it to. I added this on pork chops, tacos, mac n cheese, and so much more! I am not a big fan of hot sauces that just taste hot but don't have good flavor!

The insanity sauce is definitely spicy! But, it actually has good flavor. While this is a little too hot for me, my husband LOVES this! He puts this literally on EVERYTHING!!

This Creamy Parmesan Romano sauce is so good! I pair this with some grilled chicken and pasta (it is pasta sauce after all) I never realized how most store bought sauce does contain gluten. So I was kinda nervous about trying a gluten free pasta sauce but this was delicious. You honestly can not tell…