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My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Gender Reveal Box

Heartbeat Bear was so kind and sent me 2 of their gender reveal heart beat bear boxes. For those of you who aren't familiar with My Baby's Heartbeat bear, they make adorable stuffed animals. Every stuffed animal comes with a red heart for you to record your babies heart beat on while at a doctors appointment. Once recorded, you place the heart into the stuffed animal and you will always be able to hear your babies heartbeat long after they are born and grown. This is also very neat to share with your kids and explain to them how that's their heartbeat.

The 2 animals I received were the elephant and the fox. Each box comes with a tutu, and a bowtie. The box is half blue and half blue. This is a unique and very cute way to reveal the gender of your baby. My Baby's Heartbeat Bear not only sells gender reveal boxes, they also sell just the stuffed animals in a gender neutral box. They offer so many cute animals and different sizes! These make for the perfect baby shower g…

Catch and Learn Educational Game

I was lucky to receive 2 of the Catch and Learn games. Catch and Learn is an educational game for children 4 years old and older. It comes with directions with example games, a white board marker, a magnetic fishing pole and different size and color fish which also have magnets in them and are made from whiteboards. This game is VERY versatile, you can use this for spelling, math skills, motor skills, and much more.

My 5 year old cousin loved this game! She's really into spelling out words now so this is perfect. I write a bunch of letters on the fish and ask her to spell out the words by fishing for the fish letter cards. It doesn't seem like its just learning, she loves that it is an actual game. I am a huge fan of educational games! I love when games help teach little ones.

Little Lamb Pants Review and Giveaway

Little Lamb Pants are homemade cloth diapers made in the USA. Each diaper is hand made. The owner of Little Lamb Pants was very kind and sent me one her diapers to review and is hosting a giveaway for one of my lucky viewers!

The Cover is made from two layers of PUL which makes the diaper pretty much leak proof! The inserts that came with this diaper are sandwich style with two layers of 100% cotton fleece and three layers of 55% hemp 45% cotton, all topped with microfleece. It also included a snap in booster made from one layer of cotton fleece and two layers of hemp/cotton fleece.

I love when inserts offer boosters, especially ones that snap in so they don't move around. I especially like the location of this booster, its perfect for little boys! The inserts simply lay in the cover. I really enjoy diaper covers, You can use the same cover for more than one diaper change and simply just replace the insert during changes. This also makes it so you can stuff your diapers to fit yo…

Cow Patties Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

Cow Patties was so kind and sent me one of their AI2 diapers as well as one of their adorable bibs.

They sent me this super cute double bubble bib. This bib is VERY absorbent, plus I have never seen a double bubble, bubble gum bib before which makes me love this even more. I love unique items that you wont see other little ones in.

Now onto the big review that everyone is waiting for...
I was sent his BEAUTIFUL all in 2 cloth diaper to review. She sent me a super festive USA themed diaper. It has the statue of liberty on it, fireworks, the star spangled banner , the liberty bell, American flag, bald eagles, and sayings. I was so excited when I opened up the package and saw this diaper. I am pretty big into seasonal diapers, and I did not have a diaper specifically for  the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, ETC.  Now that you all know how much I adore the print of this diaper lets review how the diaper holds up.

The Outer Shell of the diaper is made from cotton, which is a person…

MooGoo Review and Giveaway

MooGoo was so very kind to send me one of their Skin Milk Udder Cream and one of their baby travel packs. They are also doing a giveaway for one lucky viewer for the same thing! My absolute favorite thing about this company is that they product test on humans, more specifically the workers and not animals!

This is original udder cream that started it all. The Skin Milk Udder Cream is the lightest of our creams. It easily soaks in with skin repair ingredients and is non-greasy. Milk Protein is added to help keep the skin supple and elastic. MooGoo’s Skin Milk Udder Cream is used in a number of hospitals in Australia as a moisturiser cream for dry and damaged skin following radiation treatment and chemotherapy. I love how quickly this absorbs into your skin and leaves you feeling soft and moisturized.

The baby travel pack came with nappy balm, bubbly wash, soothing MSM cream, Mudder Udder Balm, and a cute little bath toy that's a cow. Once again I love the fact that their products…

Rosebud Perfume Co.

The fragrance is what you notice first with the Minty Rose lip balm and you need to like it or not mind it when you use this product because the smell is obvious when you firstapply. So you should only buy it after you smell it. Personally I prefer natural scents and the minty rose scent here is a bit cloying. It gives a slightly pink but very natural color when you apply. However as some have mentioned, it can get a bit oily looking in hot and humid climates so I usually use this at night before bed. This really helps lips to become soft overnight. However when I was using this every day I noticed it wasn't as effective. So I tend to rotate this with other balms. Overall a good lip balm that will save parched lips.

The salve is wonderful; I am addicted to the stuff. It helps dry cuticles and hands and it makes your lips feel marvelous. It makes your lips shiny and glossy without a bunch of goo that most glosses give you. It’s great for burns and bug bites in a pinch. I have psoria…

Little Tiny Hands

Kimberly Turner is the owner of Little Tiny Hands, she has a beautiful etsy shop! Kimberly was so kind and sent me 2 of her adorable bloomers to review!

 Okay, now that you guys have seen how CUTE these bloomers are, let me tell you the quality of her products. They are so soft and make it easier to put your littles in dresses. No diaper or undies will be seen when they are playing while they wear these. She also makes rompers and short like bloomers. they come in a variety of colors and prints and are so adorable. I especially like the lace she added to the 2 bloomers she sent me.

Cheeky Cloth Diaper

The one-size diaper has a pocket, but generally you’ll want to snap your insert on top to avoid having to unstuff. The pocket is handy for adding an extra booster for longer stretches or heavy wetters.
The interior and the insert is made of a hemp/cotton blend, which happens to be my favorite absorbent material for cloth diapers and the most “stay dry” of the natural fibers I’ve tried. The insert snaps to the diaper underneath the top flap.
The top of the diaper waist is curved for a comfy tummy fit. The wing closures have a cross-over snap. The gusset is extremely narrow, and the rise is particularly low.
Very petite babies will benefit from the Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. design, especially if other one-size diapers are above their belly buttons and uncomfortable for them when sitting.

Things I love about our Cheeky Cloth Diaper Co. Diaper:Trim fit;North American made;Nice and narrow between the legs;Crossover snaps for a great fit on newbies;Hemp/cotton blend inner and insert: the most abs…

Nada Moo Ice Cream

Though technically labeled as “non-dairy frozen dessert”, Nadamoo has definitely earned the decadent title of ice cream. The rich coconut milk base is whipped to perfection, providing an indulgent, yet perfectly fluffy texture that allows an ice cream scoop to glide with ease, even straight from the freezer. It’s a truly creamy, dreamy melt in your mouth experience that even our resident coconut-hater enjoyed. Though some Nadamoo flavors do have notable coconut vibes, it was masked or melded beautifully in several varieties. My favorite one is their peanut butter chocolate flavor. Every one of their ice creams are super creamy and it makes you forget that there isn't any milk in it. They taste so yummy! No shaming but I might have shared a pint with my fiancĂ© and we ate it in one setting! I highly recommend trying them out!

Lcee Designs Flipping Holder

Lcee Designs was so kind and sent me a 2 pack of their flipping holders. Food pouches and juice pouches/boxes are messy!  Children squeeze them and make a mess.  Not any more.  The Flipping Holder provides eating independence for children and worry-free convenience for parents.

I think these are so cool! I can't tell you how many times I've given a child a food pouch and they squeeze it as soon as they get it and it goes EVERYWHERE! The Lcee Flipping Holder is so perfect and work really well. They handles are easy for little ones to hold and make eating and drinking things easy and way less messy!

Simplified Bedding

Simplified Bedding is an alternative to conventional bedding, integrating high quality cotton duvet cover and flat sheet- delivering simplicity, comfort, and ease. Attached by an easy zip on/off system concealed at the underside of the duvet cover, the flat sheet overlaps and affixes to the top of the cover to further ensure complete alignment while protecting it from oil and dirt.

I'm going to be honest, I had to watch a youtube video to properly put these on my bed. I made it way more complicated than it actually was. Now that I know how to do it, it is SO easy! They make these for all size beds, this would be really convenient for a king size bed.

Undercover mama

Undercover Mama makes clothes for nursing moms. They sent me their emerald color tank top to review. One of the really unique things about undercover mama is that their tank tops do not have straps. The top of the tank top that covers your breasts has a little hook on each side that connects to any normal strapped bra. This makes it so it's easy to unhook and breast feed without having to take off your entire shirt or take straps off.

Undercover mama also sells shirts, dresses, bras, bundle packages, all in so many colors.  At first I thought this was so silly, I have a dozen camis, they should work just fine.. But they don't! The undercover mama has some really awesome products that are extremely useful!

I See Me book review

Image makes personalized books for many occasions. They have ones for twins, grandmas, Christmas, religious ones... A LOT! the book I received is called I wish you more and I had the name Charlotte on mine.

 The entire story is wishing Charlotte more positive things than negative things and it is so cute! They have her name on EVERY page which makes the book even more special! It is a hard cover book and the pages are thick and feel nice. Am I the only one who likes a nice thick page when im reading books? I do not like when the pages are so thin that it's hard to turn the pages. The illustrations are beautifully done. This story is bound to keep your little ones attention, after all who wouldn't want to read a book that's all about them?! I highly recommend going and checking out all the amazing books they have to offer!