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It's that time again for another review. This month sent me
fresh step febreze freshness extreme Hawaiian aloha clumping cat litter to review.  I've used Fresh Step before and liked it but ive always been a bit scared to try to the scented cat litters. I've used a scented litter before and it stunk so bad once the cat peed in the box. It smelled worse than if it wasn't scented.

Both my cats used this without any issues. I've had problems in the past with changing litter. They sniffed it a few times then without second thought, used it. I love how this smells so fresh and nice. It turns the stinkiest part of our house into just another room. Now to review Chewy is such a great site! They offer stuff for all types of pets and at discount rates. They also ship super fast so no worries if you forgot to buy something until last minute and its almost gone. I love that saves me a trip to another store, we are always on our phones …

Love U Sew Much

You can find Love U Sew Much on Etsy. Alyssa is the owner and she was very kind and sent me over one of her diaper covers and insert for me to review.

The diaper cover I received has a super cute fishing print and is made for newborns. I really love the  umbilical cord snap down! The reason I am a HUGE fan of covers is because you can reuse the same cover multiple times unlike pocket and AIO diapers. You simply take out the dirty insert, wipe out the cover, and replace with a clean insert. This diaper holds up really well! It lasts about 3 hours with the insert she provided me with. The ONLY complaint I have is that they are pretty small. I wasn't able to use it very long before it outgrew the little one.  Love U Sew Much also sells lots of other things, wet bags, wipeable changing pad covers, toys, bibs, and so much more! I highly suggest you all go check out her site and see what she has. Her prints are perfect, and she is so very kind!

Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden sent me their Erase the day mineral-removing cleanser, natural mineral facial sunscreen SPF 30, and their after sun gel. I live in Michigan so sunscreen is VERY important during the summer months. I really try to only use organic products on my face and body. It makes me feel much better knowing what im rubbing on my skin. The sunscreen worked well, I used it during a pool day, reapplying throughout the day and I had no redness whatsoever. After my pool day I washed my face with their mineral-removing cleanser and that worked great as well. It left my face feeling super clean and completely free from sweat and oils from the day. After I washed my face I used their after-sun gel which felt nice and cool on my face because it has aloe in it.

Seabuck Wonders

Seabuck Wonders sent me 4 products to try out; the Himalayan sea buckthorn body lotion, Himalayan sea buckthorn exfoliating facial cleanser, Himalayan sea buckthorn facial cream, and their ultimate hair, skin, and nails supplement. I have said it before and i'll say it again, I have such dry, sensitive skin! I am always intimidated to try new skin products! As usual I was expecting to break out from this like I always do, but I didn't. In fact, the facial cleanser is very gentle for being an exfoliating cleanser. It is gentle enough to use daily and it improved my skin. The facial cream is very nice as well. I like who it doesn't leave me feeling sticky after using it, it absorbs quickly, and moisturizes my skin perfectly!

The body lotion also feels very nice on the skin, it left me feeling very moisturized without feeling sticky. The smell is also very nice, its not over powering.

The PUR Company

The PUR Company was very kind and sent me some of their goodies for review. I received some mints and gum. There are a lot of reasons why I like the PUR company, one of which is that they are vegan, allergen-free, non-GMO, diabetic friendly, aspartame free, and safe for pregnant moms and kids. PUR is also known to boost oral health. 6 grams of xylitol per day reduces decay-causing bacteria, helps to reduce plaque build-up and promotes saliva production.

I also like the HUGE variety of  flavors they have, my personal favorite is the spearmint gum!

Mon Petit Shoes

Mon Petit Shoes sent me a pair of their shoes to review. I am a sucker for baby shoes, especially well made, comfortable, and pretty shoes. I do not have any shoes like this, they are kind of like a moxford style shoe. They have a moccasin like base but it does have shoe strings. The ones I received are a blue shoe with a tan shoe strings and golden tan sole. EACH pair of shoes is handmade so it does take about one month for your order to arrive but in my opinion, it is worth it! They are so well made and are absolutely beautiful! They have so many colors and even some prints to pick from. They also have special collections for holidays. The next upcoming special collection is for the 4th of July.

The Night Sky

The Night Sky makes custom star maps. You put in your location, and the date and it shows you what the sky looked/looks/will look like on that date in the specific location. I decided to get this for my fiancé as his wedding day gift!

Bubi Bottle Review

Bubi Bottle sent me 2 of their roll-and-go water bottles. I was skeptical at first, Bubi claims that this water bottle has multi purposes.
storing dry goods, cell phoneheat- resistant silicone designed for microwavable hot beveragestherapeutic aid re: freezing the bottle or filling with hot water for a cold or hot compress; to wrap joints, or use for crampskeeps groceries coldcomfortable airplane/mobile pillowand much more! Another cool feature of the bottle is the inside retainer; when using the bottle, make sure the inside retainer is pushed below the neck of the bottle. The exposed silicone ensures the seal is tight. The insert boasts as a slash shield and is designed to prevent spills and keeps ice from making contact with your gums or teeth. The insert and threads are removable for thorough cleaning in a dishwasher or with warm, lathered water. These bottles also roll-up and fit into the metal clip located by the neck of bottle.

Bubi Bottle also offers dif

Neocell Ceramides skin hydrator review

Neocell sent me a bottle of their Ceramides Skin Hydrator. Ceramides are specific lipids naturally present in the skin, essential to the lipid barrier or moisture barrier. Ceramosides ceramides are plant based lipids and clinically tested to increase smoothness, moisture, and elasticity starting in just 15 days. I am someone who always has dry skin, year round! I have tried countless creams and out of everything I've tried I only have a couple ones that work. I was very apprehensive to try these. I'm not someone who takes pills for anything, let alone hydration. But I have to say, these do work. It take one week for me to see results but I did. My skin looks so beautiful and moisturized! It's so nice being able to wear makeup and not having to worry about my skin looking flakey with makeup.

Window Jammers

Window Jammers sent me their Alpha Club pack. Window Jammers are a collectible toy system which kids use to drive, fly, gallop, and roll across the passing landscape on the inside of a car window. The unique interchangeable characters stick to the end of a telescoping pole and build imaginations skills and fun while helping kids avoid upset car tummies when looking out the window instead of at a screen.