Petlinks was very kind and sent me over one of their mystery motion electronic motion toy and the scratchers choice scratching pad. 


Only one out of 3 of my cats have claws and the one that does, does not use scratching posts so I donated the scratchers choice scratching pad to our local cat shelter. :) It will make some cats VERY happy, so a HUGE thank you to Petlinks for not only making my kitties happy, but some local kitties happy as well!

The mystery motion teaser toy was a HUGE hit in our house! All 3 of our fur babies went nuts for this toy. We even brought this over to each of our parents house for their kitties to play with. Every cat that has had the chance to play with this, loved it! 

I love that this toy keeps our fur babies entertained for so long without us having to be the ones playing too. We, much like everyone else, are always so busy. It's not always easy to find time to play with our kitties the way they want to be played with. This makes it so they get to play, exercise, and they are happy. My youngest kitty Popeye only has one eye so he had to play with this on the slow setting. Once he got the hang of this bad boy, he went ham! He played with for 45 minutes straight. We actually have to hide this when we aren't home so he doesn't ruin it. This has replaced every toy, including his old favorite, the laser pointer! LOL

Make sure you head to their site HERE  to order some fun items for the fur babies in your life.

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