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Sollu Baby Wrap Review

Solly Baby sent me over one of their wrap in exchange for my honest review. I received a white wrap with tan squares all over it.

The information below is what Solly Baby has to say about their wraps:

The Solly Baby Difference
Design Our wraps are designed for the first year or up to 25 lbs, and the majority of babes get the most use during the first 9 months.
Function Lightweight, easy to put on, Solly Baby wraps give you and your little one unparalleled closeness and comfort (read: “wrap naps” for hours), less crying (it’s proven!), and reduced rates of postpartum depression.
Material All of our wraps are custom-made from certified Lenzing modal, which is a lightweight, buttery soft and sustainable fabric sourced from the pulp of Austrian beechwood trees.
USA Made Everything from the fabric to the packaging is made in the US and dyed with environmentally-friendly dyes and there is a handy self-enclosing pocket at the end of the wrap for easy storage.

Elmer's Chee Wees Review and Giveaway

Elmer's Chee Wees sent me a box full of goodies in exchange for my honest review.

The products they sent me are: Original Cheese CurlsBar-B-Que Cheese CurlsHont-N-Spicy Cheese CurlsJalapeno Cheese CurlsGreen Onion Cheese CurlsCheese PopcornCaramel PopcornJumbo Peanuts It is so hard for me to pick what was my favorite thing! EVERYTHING is so good! I also love that they bake their Chee Wees so it contains 1/3 less fat. Their snacks are preservative free, and have such great flavor. My husbands favorite flavor is the Bar-B-Que, he says it tastes like his favorite BBQ chips but are way healthier. We are officially a Chee Wees family!!
Elmer's Chee Wees are hosting a giveaway. They are giving away one of their lunch box specials which contains 50 bags of their Chee Wees, 10 of each flavor. 

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Enso Rings Review

Enso Rings sent me over 3 rings in exchange for my honest review. Enso are silicone rings come in a variety of colors and styles.

My husband received the black ring and I opted for 2 that you can stack. I LOVE that you can create a look that is unique to you. I received the navy blue rope ring and the coral infinity ring, which when stacked looks beautiful! I also wear the navy blue one in front of my wedding ring. I live in Michigan and it's COLD! In the winter months, my fingers are a little smaller due to the weather change, so having the silicone ring in front makes it so my wedding ring doesn't fall off. 
My husband works with wax so wearing his normal wedding ring isn't an option! He absolutely loves his Enso Ring. He wears his Enso ring all week long and wears in normal ring when we got out.  You guys have to go check out Enso rings for yourself!

Beessential Review

Beessential sent me over one of their foaming hand soap and one of their hand and body cream. I received the scent grapefruit with lemongrass for the hand soap and grapefruit with rosemary for the hand and body cream.

So with my job I wash my hands a lot!! And now that it's winter and the heat is on all the time, my hands are constantly dry! I find it really hard to find a good moisturizing hand soap and beessential has made that soap! My hands get so dry in the winter that they often times crack and bleed. :( Beessential is a game changer! I don't have to worry about washing my hands and them drying out. I no longer have to risk clean hands for dry hands.  
As for the hand and body cream, I love that they have scents that are so similar. After washing my hands I use the hand and body cream which I'm sure is a huge reason why my hands are peeling and gross. I also like that the lotion isn't greasy and it absorbs well without taking too long. There is nothing worse than…

Tampon Tribe Review

Tampon Tribe was so kind and sent me over 2 different things to try out in exchange for my honest review. Here is what Tampon Tribe has to say about their products.

AND HERE’S WHAT’S IN OUR TAMPONS.Certified Organic, GOTS, ICEA.  Our cotton is grown with extreme care and to the best natural international certified organic standards, which means everything from the soil, to water use, and of course chemicals (of which there are none), is strictly monitored and regulated. It also means that all stages of production are carefully monitored as well. (GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard, ICEA: European Eco/Bio Standard) Toxin Free. Hypoallergenic, chemical free, and 100% organic cotton. Our tampons are encased in fine a 100% organic cotton veil to avoid fibres staying in our bodies. Our pads and pantyliners have the 100% organic cotton cover woven into the organic padding, so nothing comes loose or gets messy. We are chlorine bleach and dioxin free. There are no glues, synthetics, perfumes,… Review

Image hooked me up again this month in exchange for my honest opinion. I received Frisco scoopable cat litter in fresh scent, Rachel Rays Soup Bones for dogs, and Weruva canned cat food in the variety pack.

Like always, has once again pulled through. I loved EVERYTHING I received. My cats had no issues with using a different cat litter and I loved the fresh scent and just how scoopable it was. I hate when litter claims to be scoopable and it doesn't scoop, you're left with nasty pee soaked litter that falls thru the scooper and smells so BAD!!  The soup bones were a huge favorite with the special pup in my life. It lasted a long time as well. I like treats that can keep them occupied for a long period of time/ And finally, the Weruva cats in the kitchen variety pack. It has 4 different kinds, and 3 of each of them. My 3 cats LOVED these! we had to make sure all 3 of them had their own can because they were fighting over them! I also love the ingredients that are …

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Review

Ecocentric Mom time! I am so happy that Ecocentric is continuing to work with me in exchange for my honest review. This months box was about a fresh start. It came with 2 snack which are the Saffron Road chickbean crisps in the flavor sea salt and Saffron Road crunch chickpeas in the flavor sea salt.

Both of these are so yummy! I love salty snacks but struggle with finding healthy options! These are perfect! I especially love how they send over things that I usually have never heard of, along with coupons so I can continue to buy them.
Next up with have 4 products for mom, Z Skin face lift lotion, Yorba surface sanitizer, and Loba Mane transformative mask and their styling cream.

Let's start with the face lotion. I love that its a natural product and it has SPF in it. Even in the winter, it is very important to use an SPF daily. I like that the lotion is not sticky on the skin and it has a very pleasant smell. The surface sanitizer is perfect to throw in your purse or diaper bag. …

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Packs

Seventh Generation sent me over some of their free & clear laundry detergent packs to review.

I have such sensitive skin that finding a good laundry detergent is very important. I can't use a lot of those perfume filled detergents, they make me have rashes. So finding a nice a nice free & clear detergent is a must for me. I also like how clean my clothes feel. It took me a while to learn that perfume scented clothes does NOT mean clean. My clothes feel great after washing with this. I highly recommend using Seventh Generation laundry detergent pods. They work in all washers, including HE front loading washers like mine. :)

Sevventh Generation Free & Clear Tampons

Seventh Generation sent me a box of their Free & Clear tampons in exchange for my honest review.

As I am with as many products I use/consume, I like the most natural product possible. And without going into too much detail, something like a tampon that goes inside you, really should as natural as possible. I certainly don't want unknown items going inside my body, and in such a fragile place. There isn't too much to write about tampons except, that they work, they don't leak, they have a comfortable applicator, and they are natural. I highly recommend Seventh Generation to everyone. They may cost a little bit more, but it is SO worth it!

Parasol Diapers and Wipes Review

Parasol was very kind and sent me over diapers and wipes in exchange for my honest review. I received 2 packs of 20 wipes and 2 packs of 8 diapers size 2 and 3. Parasol diapers are unlike most diapers out on the market currently. Every ingredient is carefully sourced with your little ones safety in mind. They use less wood pulp than most major brands. They also have some fashion-forward prints for the stylish of little ones.

The wipes are the thickest I have ever used. They are thick like cloth which is nice for that thick gross poop. You never have to worry about your finger popping throw one of these wipes (we all have been there and its nasty). Now, in order for me to like a brands diaper and wipes, they have to be good. I prefer cloth diapers, they are so much better for baby, cost, and environment. The only time I use disposables are if they are organic and used with ingredients and that I am familiar with. The one big down fall for me with these are price. I am someone who clear…

Bakery on Main Review

HOLY COW! The Bakery On Main was SO kind and sent me a TON of their products to review! And by ton, I mean the box weighed 27 pounds..... and everything was delicious.

Alright ya'll, this is everything they sent me times 2! I honestly can not pick a favorite as I am a HUGE hot cereal/oatmeal fan. My top 2 were probably the bunches of crunches dark chocolate and sea salt and the tropical nutty banana granola. This review is going to be unlike most of my reviews, normally I go into great detail about each item but that would take all day and I doubt any of you want to spend that much time reading about it. LOL But please trust me when I say that this stuff is 10x better than your plan jane quaker oats. These have great flavors, everything is gluten free and made with organic ingredients. I shared a lot of my goodies with my family and friends so they could see what I was talking about, and everyone that tried these products felt just like I did. They LOVED them!! head over to https:…

Cell-U-Logic Review

Cell-U-Logic sent me over their 3 part system which includes the anti-aging body repair cream, green coffee slimming gel, and their green coffee and seaweed detox renewing 2 in 1 soak and scrub.

So the first step is the green coffee and seaweed scrub which comes in an 8oz tub. After the scrub, you apply the green coffee slimming gel, after applying the gel you will covered the desired areas with plastic wrap as tight as you can, you will leave this on for a minimum of 30 minutes but as long as 8-10 hours, after this you will use the anti-aging body repair cream which you will massage into all areas that the slimming gel was on for 30-60 seconds. This 3 step system is targeted to help detox your body and help you lose your water weight. Now I will ALWAYS be honest you guys. This does work.....BUT its such a short term thing. Because it's removing water weight literally as soon as you start consuming liquid, you will notice the weight comes right back. But if you're looking for…

Freshly Picked Review

Freshly Picked was so kind and sent me pair of their moccasins in exchange for my honest review. For those of you who don't know, Freshly Picked have in my opinion the best moccasins on the market! They are the only shoes that stay on little ones feet, they are soft soled but strong enough for little ones to run around in, they seriously have the cutest prints I've ever seen!

The print I received is Intergalactic in the size 3 which fits most 12-18 month olds. My husband and I are HUGE space fans so their NASA line is perfect for us. I love the holographic bottom on these specific moccs. These are more on the girly side due to the silver color but these can totally be gender neuteral. Lets talk about the packaging. The moccasins come in a cute see through box so you can see the moccs. They have the name, size, as well as the sizing chart on the box. Inside of the box it has an adorable fabric bag for storing your moccs in. 
I especially like Freshly Picked moccasins for little…

Milk + Sass Macaron Review

Milk + Sass sent me 2 of their macaron detangling hairbrush & compact mirror to review. They sent me the colors raspberry and lavender.

These are the 2 colors they sent me and they are so cute! These are perfect to throw in your purse. I am someone who always carries a brush in their purse because I have such thin hair so it gets tangled so easily. This is much more compact than a normal brush and it also includes a mirror which is always convenient. I remember when I those little pop up brushes were so popular and they were AWFUL on your hair. They ripped out so much hair!! These little guys do not do that. I am a big fan of these, make sure you head to and get one for yourself.