Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Boppy Pillow review

Boppy sent me 2 of their boppy pillows in exchange for my honest review. Boppy pillows/nursing pillows are extremely popular right now, lots of companies have released their version of a nursing pillow and I have tried a few of them. Boppys nursing pillow is still my favorite. I love how versatile they are! They work from birth thru toddler years. We have sleepovers with our cousins pretty regularly and he loves to lay in the pillow while watching movies. This is also vey useful for little ones who want to hold babies and grandparents who aren't strong enough to hold them for an extended period of time. Cooper (big brother) said "he likes holding Cavlin with the pillow rather than without."

Image result for boppy pillow

These making nursing way easier, especially right after birth when you're sore. The added support the pillow gives takes stress away from mama so nursing can be as bonding as it possible can. The boppy pillow has a tag on which explains how to use the pillow for different ages. I also love how many prints their covers come in! They have gender specific and gender neutral prints! The print I received was Geo Circles. It's a beautiful gray with white circles and gray triangles inside the circle. I love the durability of these pillows, they will last multiple babies! I also enjoy how soft these are. Boppy makes their pillows a bit stiff to be supportive for baby but the pillows are by no means hard! So far we love Boppy! make sure you go to their site or many of the stores they sell products at to go pick yourself or a friend one of these pillows! They make the perfect shower gift!

watching a movie in the boppy pillow
holding his baby brother with the assist of the boppy

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Car Seat Key review and giveaway

The Car Seat key was very kind and sent me one of their car seat keys to review and one to giveaway. As always this review is my honest opinion and I only review products that I truly love and use in my everyday life.

Below is the website where The Car Seat Keys are sold and some faqs from their website.


What Is The Car Seat Key?

The Car Seat Key makes it simple to press in the red harness release button on children's car seats. It takes about 9 to 13 pounds of pressure to press the button in. With The Car Seat Key you can distribute the pressure throughout your whole hand or even two hands instead of having to use one finger. The Car Seat Key makes removing your child from their carseat quicker and easier. The Car Seat Key is stored on your car keys for easy convenience, safely kept away from your child at all times.

Who does this help?

 People with lack of hand strength, arthritis, carpal tunnel, long nails & other problems.

                                   Image result for car seat key

I never really had problems using car seats. I also never realized how much work goes into pushing that tiny red button until I used this! This little key chain makes undoing car seats SO easy!! I have to be honest and tell you when  I first heard of these, I thought they were kind of silly. I thought they were a waste and wouldn't really help. Boy was I wrong! Even for those who have no issues whatsoever with using the buttons, this makes it easier, quicker, and takes the stress away from your wrists and hands. My mother in law has tendonitis and says that this is a life saver. Sometimes undoing that small button would send a stabbing pain up her arm that would lasts for a while. I highly recommend using one of these car seat keys! They make perfect gifts for grandparents! :)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Peapod Mats

Peapod Mats were very kind and sent me one of their 3x5 waterproof mats in the color mauve in exchange for my honest review.  The 3x5 mat retails for $55.84 and can be purchased online at their store or at any of the stores listed below. explains the difference between their waterproof mats compared to others.

The big difference? PeapodMats lie flat ON TOP of sheets with a grippy material underneath that allows the mat to remain stationary and in-place WITHOUT flaps, straps or Velcro. This means there is no need to tuck or wrap the mat around the mattress or mattress corners.  With the design of the PeapodMat, not only does it remain stationary, but will stay flat without bunching or gathering. This provides a comfortable and protected sleep throughout the night.

                                         PeapodMats 3×5 (.91m x 1.5m)

Peapod Mats are unlike any waterproof mat I have seen/used before! Like peapod Mats explained in their description, it lays on the top sheet instead of under the fitted sheet. If any of you have experienced bed wetting with a child or adults you know how inconvenient it is to have to change sheets in the middle of the night. With Peaopods you can simply take of the soiled Peaopod Mat and replace it with a clean one. I also love how these stay in place! They do not bunch up throughout the night so you never have to worry about them moving from under you.

                                                             Image result for peapod mats

As many of you know, I work in an adult foster care home. I take care of individuals with mental and physical disabilities who often times suffer with incontinency issues. With that being said, I have used A LOT of different kinds of incontinency pads, waterproofing mats, etc. I can honestly say that Peaopod Mats have been the best I have ever used. To me, bringing this to work and trying it out on my guys was the real test! If one of these mats can hold up all night for an adult than it will most definitely hold up for a child!


Now I couldn't upload any pictures of my own due to HIPPA, Peapod Mats have great pictures that show you many ways to use their mats as well as all the sizes they have. Other ways that I have used these mats are for tummy time with little ones, putting it on the changing table for diaper changes, long car rides for little ones as well as adults with incontinency issues, as well as just on furniture around the house. 

Peaopod Mats have a tab on their website that have real people sharing their stories and showing the world how they use these mats. I also like how they tell you exactly how to wash these! They advise against using fabric softener, dryer balls, and dryer sheets as they can worsen the absorbency of the waterproofing.  I am a HUGE fan of the PeaPod Mats and I highly suggest them to anyone with little kids or to people who have trouble with incontinency. Go check them out for yourself at any of the multiple sites/stores they are sold at!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pure Growth Organic review and giveaway

Pure Growth Organic sent me 3 different things to try and review for them. They sent me their crispy rice squares, chocolate chip oatmeal bites, and cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal bites. I'm always nervous to try organic snacks. Often times I find that organic snacks compromise flavor for healthy. These snacks are not like those snacks! My favorite were the cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal bites!

Oatmeal Bite_Chocolate Chip.jpeg

Oatmeal Bite_Cinnamon Brown Sugar.jpeg

Crispy Rice Treats.jpeg
I love the portion size of these snacks. It satisfies my sweet tooth without leaving me feel guilty for snacking. I will say the crispy rice squares were a little flimsy. As I held it, it kept breaking off into pieces but the flavor was so good so I didn't mind the crumbles too much.

Pure Growth Organics is also giving one of my lucky viewers a sample pack of some of their goodies!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Salonpas review and giveaway

Salonpas was SUPER sweet and sent me everything, yes EVERYTHING, they have out currently. and they are also doing a giveaway for one of you lucky people to receive the same package I did.  I am only 24 years old but thanks to a lot of the sports I did as growing up, I now am left with tendonitis, aches and pains in my hips from gymnastic and loads of other things. Salonpas is one of those brands that works great and FAST. Every single thing I have tried from them is amazing, I tell everyone I know about salonpas if they bring up aches and pains.

1. Salonpas pain relieving jet spray:
I was a bit intimidated by this at first... I mean... jet spray... BUT, it works wonders, I have my fiancé spray this on my lower back before bed and it completely relaxes my muscles and lets me sleep.
                                                         Image result for salonpas jet spray

2. Salonpas deep relieving gel:
This is my go to! I keep this bad boy in my purse! This REALLY helps my wrists when my tendonitis is acting up. its a clear, non greasy gel that soaks into your skin fast and doesn't leave any residue behind. I will say the sent isn't the most appealing but to me, the way it helps out weighs the smell.

                                                      Image result for salonpas deep relieving gel

3.Salonpas pain relieving patch:
These little patches last for 8 hours!! 8 hours! I use these for neck aches primarily. They do have a slight smell but nothing in comparison to the gel.
                                                 Image result for salonpas pain relieving patch

4.Salonpas pain relief patch:
My fiancé really likes this one for pain. It likes that it lasts longer than the regular pain relieving patches. These are a little stronger in scent but they do last longer.

5.Salonpas pain relief patch (stretchable and flexible):
Same as the one above but larger and it stretches and is much more flexible.


6.Salonpas lidocaine pain relieving gel patch:
This is by far my favorite patch, a huge reason is because its unscented! I also really like that it is gel! It works wonders just like all of their products do.

7.salonpas pain relieving gel patch HOT:
When they say HOT they aren't kidding! I had to actually take this off because it was too hot for me. Now my dad on the other hand LOVES these for his lower back area.
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Friday, August 4, 2017

Hartz review and giveaway

Hartz was so kind and sent me a bundle of tog dogs to review!

Tuff Stuff
Image result for hartz tuff stuff
Tug of Fun
Image result for hartz tug of fun
Image result for hartz quackers
Tuff Stuff Flyer
Image result for hartz tuff stuff flyer
Chew'n clean
Image result for hartz chew n clean
Dura play bacon scented ball
Image result for hartz dura play bacon scented ball

So know that everyone can see what they gave for me to review, lets review the products! I only have cats but I hate plenty of family and friends with dogs! I spent time with a couple different people and their pups, playing and watching them interact with the toys. The top picks were the bacon flavored dura play ball and the tuff stuff flyer! All toys were played with for sure but those were the top 2 that EVERY dog I had the chance to play with loved!

One thing I've noticed about all pet toys is that they are expensive! Hartz toys are reasonably priced and they are high quality so they last a long time! I've seen dogs rip apart a brand new toy within minutes! I played with 4 pups and every one of the toys still look new!

Hartz is also hosting a giveaway for my viewers!

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


What is it?
Snoofybee is a unique 3in1 Changing Pad, and the first of it's kind. After raising more than $125,000 on Kickstarter, Snoofybee is on a mission to make diaper changes an easier and happier time.

                                    Image result for snoofybee                     

How Does it Work?
Using a patented design, your baby is gently distracted by the soft barrier, keeping their hands out of the mess down below. Snoofybee also lays completely flat for a more traditional changing surface. When you're done, fold it back up into a portable clutch - so easy it can be done with one hand!

                                                      Image result for snoofybee

3-in-1 Design
Snoofybee is a Changing Pad, a Play Mat and a Diaper Clutch - all in one. Take it every where you go for stress-free diaper changes. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back.

                                           Image result for snoofybee

Diaper changes can be a challenge... A VERY HARD CHALLENGE! Little ones like to wiggle and they think sitting still for a 2 minute diaper change is torture. Snoofybee has made diaper changing so much easier. Snoofybee is a product I highly recommend to any mommy with little kids who are still in diapers and are in the diaper changing fight club.

SnoofyBee is also hosting a giveaway for my viewers!

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