Monday, September 25, 2017

Fun Bites

FunBites - Step 1


FunBites - Step 2

FunBites - Step 3


FunBites sent me 3 of their funbites to review. I love the idea of Funbites. They allow you turn food into art which makes even the pickiest of kids eat their food. I love the variety of  shapes they have! They offer simply squares, hearts, triangles, and even fun shapes from kid favorite shows like paw patrol and the minion movie.




Friday, September 22, 2017 Review

It's that time again for another review. This month Chewy sent me the Purina pro plan nutrition that performs kitten favorites canned cat food, and the Stella & Chewy's carnivore crunch freeze dried treats.

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The puppy loved these freeze dried chicken treats! They look like little beef jerky sticks and the dogs go crazy over them. I love how natural these treats are! I want to put as much good stuff into my animals as I possibly can and these treats make it easy! I also love how many other natural options has. They have so many organic, raw, and natural products for any pets you may have.

I have not met a cat that doesn't like canned food except my cat Gurdy!  She will only lick the gravy and leave the food behind. She devoured the purina pro plan kitten favorites canned cat food. Her favorite was the chicken and liver. Once again I love when the food I feed my pets is as natural and filled with good stuff and none of those gross fillers. Purina does a great job at making food filled with good stuff! offers so many great things for all and pets you may have. They also offer super speedy shipping and their items are at a discounted price. No more store runs for food and cat litter. Simply order from and 1-2 days later your items will be on your door step and ready for you and your pets to enjoy.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wonderbly Personalized Book Review

Wonderbly sent me this book as well in exchange for my honest review. There is a reason I saved this one for last, it is my absolute favorite!

The book starts out with Elliott (who the book is made for) not wanting to go to bed, and wanting to go to space with his hubble friend. So up they go into space, They come too close to a meteor that makes there nav (navigation system) go town.  They are lost in space and meet some interesting people, including an intergalactic zoo, how fun?!

During the personalization stage you put in the childs address and they put a picture from google maps of the childs house... WHAT? How amazing is that! This tops all personalized books I have ever read! So every time our Elliott reads this book, not only is it a book about him, that looks like him, but it actually has a picture of his house in the book!

Elliott finally returns home. I blacked out the address of our book for safety purposes, but under the black lines are Elliotts home address. I cried when I got to then end, that could be because I am a very emotional person, but it is just perfect! My fiancé Ross is a HUGE space nerd so I knew he would love this book and he did. He giggled, smiled, and made him a little sappy too.

The back of every Wonderbly books has a little blerb about the book. I can not speak highly enough about Wonderbly and their beautiful books! Please, Please, Please go get one for all the little ones your life. I promise you will not regret it!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Wonderbly Personalized Book Review

I received another personalized books from Wonderbly to review, This book is The Birthday Thief. I had this one personalized for my nephew Bentley. One thing I haven't mentioned in past reviews, is that each and every book has a dedication page where you can write a personalized message. They have a beautifully written one already but I added a few things.

The book starts with Bentley excited for his birthday party but a thief has stolen everything.  He goes looking for the thief and runs into people who help him.

The pages are so beautiful and very well made. They pull the little ones in and makes them want to keep reading!

At the end of the story, Bentley has his party. I love how you can put the childs birthday in the book and he spends the entire book looking for it. Once again, Little ones LOVE these books. Wonderbly does a great job with all their stories, I highly recommend all of them!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Susan Brown's Baby

Susan Brown's Baby was very kind and sent me a few things to review in exchange for my honest review. I received their foaming shampoo and body wash, lotion to powder, nourishing lotion, diaper therapy cream, and botanical gelee.

Image result for susan browns baby                   Image result for susan browns infant

Susan Brown's Baby Naturals are an all natural baby care line. I'm a lot of you can agree that the more natural and chemical free things we can put on our little ones the better! Her line is tear free, PH balanced, paraben free, phthalate free, and hypoallergenic. Baby's are so sensitive so it's very important to use the most gentle things you can. As much as I love scented things, unscented is your best bet for babies. Susan Brown's Baby Naturals does a great job at making these chemical free, natural products that also smell great without being overpowering and causing a reaction. I highly recommend Susan Brown's Baby for anyone with little ones, they also make for great baby shower gifts!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wonderbly Personalized Book Review

The name of this book is The Little Boy who lost his name. The story starts out with the kid ( we did one for Elliott) waking up and realizing his name was off of his bedroom door, and not remembering what his name was. He looked under his bed and noticed a rainbow trail so he went on it, and that's where the adventure begins, Elliott ran into lots of creatures all of which start with letters from his name. He meets an Elephant, Lion, Lobster, Imp, Ostrich, Troll, and lastly a Tarantula.

After his journey on the path, and meeting all the creatures, he headed back to the trail which lead him back home to his bed. He loved all the wondrous things he had seen and now knows his name. Once again, Wonderbly did an amazing job with this book! It allows you to personalize it with names, and what the character looks like. Little ones LOVE these personalized books! I am a big fan of books, and trying to encourage little ones to read and enjoy reading from a young age. Wonderbly is the key. If you have a child who isn't a big fan of reading, I suggest you try one of these books. What kid wouldn't want a book all about them?

Monday, September 11, 2017

It's that time again for another review. This month I was sent Greenies Breath Buster Bites in chicken and parsley flavor.


As you all know, I am a huge fan of They offer so many great products for all different pets, with great prices! My favorite part is how quickly they ship things to you! No more trips to the grocery store because you're almost out of food or cat litter, simply jump online and order your things and they will be on your door step in 2 days. Greenies were a huge hit for the puppy in my life. He ate these up so fast I don't think he even tasted them. They do help with the breath of the puppy but it doesn't take the stink completely away.