Blankie Tails

Blankie Tails was very kind and sent me over 2 blankies tails to review. They sent me over 2 adult sizes, one shark and one purple ombre mermaid.

My husband was so excited when I showed him this. We are people who keep our house pretty cold in the winter and just pile on the clothes and blankets.  These are perfect for us! The picture of my husband in the shark one is kind of tight because he was wearing thick sweatpants under it but these fit perfectly for both of us. When we first pulled these out, our cat did not know what to think of them. He was so afraid of these, he wouldn't come on us if we were wearing them. He eventually got over it, and loves cuddling us when we are wearing them.
These are super soft and keep you nice and toasty which is important coming into winter. One of the many things I like about this company is that they have shark and mermaid blankies for infants up to adults. You and your family could be matching sharks LOL These make the perfect gift for Chris…

Clear Conscience Pet Review

Clear Conscience Pets was very kind and sent me over 3 of their super gravy's, lamb airy bites, and lamb trachey chewz.

I brought these into work and gave them to my coworker for her pup. She went ham for these treats! I love that these treats are made with nothing bad. Both are made with lamb, flaxseed, dried spinach, dried carrot, and dried tomato. It's great to give your dogs healthy treats that you would also give yourself.

Super gravy is so easy to use. Use 1.5 tsp of the mix with 1/2 cup of water and blend. Once well blended, add to hard food and wait a few minutes before serving for the full fusion of gravy with food. Each bag makes 30 servings or 6 quarts of broth. Dogs for crazy for this broth as well. All of Clear Conscience Pet items are made with nothing but the best! 
Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend product that I would use personally or believe would be a good fit with my readers. All opinions ar…

Indestructibles Baby Books

Indestructibles was very kind and sent me over 3 of their amazing indestructibles baby books. My Neighborhood, Hello Farm, and Busy City. 

I first saw these books at my local Barnes and Nobles. I immediately called my husband over to look at them. A book that doesn't get ruined by babies..... WHAAAAAAT?! Even board books that are intended for babies are easily ruined by excessive drool from little ones, and regular paper books get ripped and ruined almost immediately. These books are amazing, they are rip proof, chew proof, nontoxic, and 100% washable. 
Check out some facts about Indestructibles HERE.  The creator of Indestructibles is a mom of triplets. Amy Pixton created these books when pieces of traditional board books found their way into her babies' mouths. 
These books really are rip and chew proof. They do get crinkly after lots of use but that seems to make little ones gravitate more towards the books. Once the books get used a bunch or if they get dirty, simply wash …

Thirty-One Review

Thirty-One sent me over their Ooh-la-la Olive Take Two bag and their cool zip snacker-holiday shark. My husband and I have been on the look out for the perfect backpack style diaper bag and you guys, this is the one! You can use this bag as backpack or a shoulder tote.

First, I REALLY wish the color picked up better in these pictures. This diaper bag is a true olive green and is stunning. Both my husband and I like pretty neutral colors, but we dislike how most diaper bags are either black, grey, or SUPER gender specific. We both loved this color and how it's pretty neutral but different. The picture above is the front of the bag, you can see it has 2 front pockets, 2 cup holder pockets on each side, a zipper thermal pocket, and a magnetic snap large pocket behind the zipper pocket.

This is the back of the bag. This is the bag with the backpack straps out, as you can see from the picture below, the straps snap together. If you want to use this bag as a shoulder tote, simply unsnap…

The Kid's Awesome Activity Book

The Kid's Awesome Activity Book, by Mike Lowery is seriously the BEST activity book around!

First off, this book is packed with more activities than most children's activity books. It's filled with games, puzzles, mazes, flip books, and more. This book pushes kids to be as creative as possible! The pages of this book are beautiful, vibrant, and filled with magic and wonder. It comes with over 400 stickers, which all kids love!
This book is the perfect road trip or traveling book. This book will keep little ones busy for HOURS! One of my favorite activities are the fill in the comics or draw funny things. Trust me when I say this book is the best! This will make the best Christmas gifts for any little ones! Head HERE to order one or more for the little ones in your life.

Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend product that I would use personally or believe would be a good fit with my readers. All opinions are 100% …

Lawless Jerky Review

Lawless Jerky sent me over one of every flavor of jerky to review. I was going to try to hide this from my husband and put them in his stocking for Christmas but neither of us could wait that long. We loved every flavor of these! Each bag is packed with flavor.

The 3 flavors they have are aloha teriyaki, sweet sriracha, and manga habanero. Often times when you eat jerky they can be tough and hard to chew. This jerky is very soft, has great texture and the best flavor out of any jerky I have ever tried. I also love that the jerky comes in single serve pouches. Most jerky comes in larger bags that have multiple servings but somehow never make to round 2.
My personal favorite flavor was the sweet sriracha but I really did enjoy all of them. My husbands favorite flavor was the mango habanero, he loves everything spicy so this was right up his alley. Lawless Jerky makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any jerky lover.
Thankfully my husband doesn't typically read my reviews so I can le…

Trustypup Review

Trustypup sent me over 2 of their chew guard dog toys to review. Now personally don't have any dogs, we only have cats, but I know lots of friends and family with dogs. I gave one toy to 2 different people to get a review from 2 different people.

Both pups were big, and strong dogs. I wanted to have to strongest dogs I know test these out, to really see how tough the chew guard technology really is. I was shocked. Both of the dogs that received these are dogs that destroy toys the same day they get them. Both of these toys lasted SO long. The green crocodile like one, didn't last as long as the donut but they are different material so I wasn't expecting it to last as long. 
The green toy has a silent squeaker that only dogs can hear, I was a little skeptical about this at first but you can feel the squeaker. I squeezed it when the pup wasn't looking and he quickly turned towards me. He heard it! I love the concept of a silent squeaker. Everyone with pets knows that squ…