Green Garmento

Green Garmento was very kind and sent me over one of their Gigantote, and one of their delux pouch bags. I am not someone who uses a lot of garment bags but these are different than any other garment bags I have seen before. They are multi purpose which is great and they are heavy duty fabric that will last a long time.

Fill it, wear it, or carry it. I love that they show you the multiple ways you can use it. We are currently using this to store my husbands suite.

Next is the Gigantote, this bad boy is AMAZING! I'm not sure if you guys have a Sam's Club by you or Aldi but those are two stores that I shop at a lot and both of those stores do not bag your groceries. These bag are PERFECT, 2 bags fill up a traditional cart, they don't fill up the sams cart but it's close. I also love the multi use of these large bags. I brought mine to Sam's Club the recently and the cashier kept saying how much she loved these! I have to say, they make lugging in tons of groceries so…

Wall Charmers Review and Giveaway

Wall Charmers was very kind and sent me over their mini faux unicorn head to review. They are also letting me host a giveaway so one lucky winner will win a mini wall charmer of their own!

How cute? This mini unicorn head is so adorable. Faux animal heads are super popular right now. Wall Charmers has a HUGE variety of animals to pick from as well as wide range of colors. I've seen a ton of nursery's lately that have been using these faux animal heads as decorations and I think they are so cute! 
My little 7 year old cousin is obsessed with unicorns! I decided to give this to her, she hung this in her play room and loves it! I was very impressed with not only the quality of the product, but also the Wall Charmers customer service. Everyone I spoke to at Wall Charmers was so kind and extremely helpful. On top of having a LARGE variety of animals to pick from, the have super affordable prices, especially for the quality of the product.
The unicorn came packed with Styrofoam, the…

Knotty Babies Review and Giveaway

The Founder and Owner of Knotty Babies Shanna, is seriously the sweetest person! For me, customer service is extremely important. Shanna is not only the super kind, but she is very talented. Her website is filled full of beautiful pieces. Knotty Babies sent me over 2 items to review, their Ames Knot and their Coral Bow. These turban like hats have become VERY popular lately and I am on board!

This is the Ames Knot which you can find HERE.
I mean come on.. Is that not the most adorable baby hat you have ever seen? I really wish the colors would have shown up better in this picture. The red in the flowers is stunning! Pair this with a red onesie and you'll have one stylish baby! These turban style hats are my new favorite accessory for little ones. I was bald until I was almost 3 years old so these would have been really useful for my mom, maybe then I wouldn't have been mistaken for a boy all the time. LOL

This is the Coral bow which you can find HERE.
I had never seen the bow… Review

Another Review coming at ya! This time on Dr. Elseys clean tracks cat litter. I used this for my two female cats because they share a little box and they are horrible at tracking the litter outside of their box.

I love Dr. Elseys, their cat litter doesn't have the powder that comes up when you dump the litter into the box, it clumps SO well. This cat litter also lasts a long time compared to most traditional cat litter that we have used in the past. I'm also so nervous changing cat litters on my cats, but I think they are so used to it by now they don't care. LOL 
As always has the best prices and the fastest shipping. I love not having to go to the store and carry the heavy items like bags of food and cat litter anymore. I also love that sends you emails asking if you are running low on items as a reminder to reorder things. Head over to their site HERE to order some pet goodies for your fur babies.

Disclosure: I received one or more products …

Squishy Kiosk Review and Giveaway

Squishy Kiosk sent me over one of their mystery boxes. Each box comes with 10 squishy's.

How cute are all of these? For those of you who don't know, kids are obsessed with these squishy little things. My little cousin wants to collect these and have every kind and style available. These mystery boxes are perfect for any squishy lover. 10 squishes for the same price as one in the big box stores in an amazing deal!
I gave all of these to my little cousin and she was SO happy! She kept putting them in a line from her number 1-10. Squishy's make the best gifts for little ones. With Christmas coming up quickly, you all should check out the adorable items that Squishy Kiosk  has available!
Make sure you guys enter the link below for your chance to win an amazing mystery box!
Mindy's Mayhem Squishy Kiosk Giveaway

Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend product that I would use personally or believe would be a good fit…

Bookroo Review

Bookroo was very kind and sent me over another one of their boxes. For those of you who aren't familiar with Bookroo, they are a children's book club. They send monthly subscription boxes. The person who is gifting the box, picks the age range/type of books you would like.

I am obsessed with this company. Bookroo thinks of every detail, from the cute little saying on the box, to the adorable wrapping paper they pick for their books. They always pick such cute books, often times with a hidden with important lessons for little ones. Each box comes with a paper that explains what books are included in the box, I also like that they tell you what books are included in the other box. It gives you good incite on some of the books you may get when you get to the next stage. 
Make sure you head to their site HERE to order this for your little one or a little one in your life. This makes for a WONDERFUL Christmas gift. I am someone who prefers educational gifts such as books or memorie…

Java House Review

Java House was very kind and sent me over 4 boxes of their liquid pod coffee, one of every flavor. I am a coffee junkie! I have a Keurig so I use lots of k-cups, which are coffee grounds but Java House is liquid. Java House are dual purpose pods. You can open the pods up and pour over ice and water for a bold iced coffee or you can put the pods into your Keurig for a hot coffee.

I am obsessed with this! all 4 flavors including the decaf are delicious. Java House has created a process to make their coffee sweeter, smoother, and less acidic than most hot-brewed coffee. If you go to their website HERE they give you recipe ideas and believe me, they are SO good! They have a cold brew mint frappe which is my new favorite thing! Java House is sold at many stores including target, Walmart, and online. 

Disclosure: I received one or more products for the exchange for my honest opinion. I only recommend product that I would use personally or believe would be a good fit with my readers. All opin…