UpSpring Probiotic & Colostrum Supplement Review.

Alright guys, lets talk probiotics. I know that supplements can be a touching subject for some people. I don't care what you decide to do with your kids, there is too much criticism in this world when it comes to parenting. Do what YOU think is right for you and your kids! Now back to the review of UpSring... I was sent their probiotic & colostrum supplements. The box came with 30 packets that look like this,

UpSpring's probiotic & colostrum is the most complete probiotic for babies. It does double duty, helping to reduce occasional digestive upset while also providing immune support. It has 5 billion active CFUs per serving, 6 clinically proven probiotic straws including lactobacillus, helps reduce occasional gas, diarrhea, and constipation, naturally harvested bovine colostrum, prebiotic fiber supports beneficial bacteria, flavorless powder can be added to cool food or drink. For infants 0-4 months old give half a packet per day and for infants 4+ months old give 1 …

Dr. Elsey's Review

Dr. Elsey's was very kind and sent me a coupon to try one of their cat litters as well as two samples of their clean protein chicken recipe cat food which is good for all cats and for all life cycles. I'm always looking for the best cat litter! I actually just adopted a one eyed cat named popeye so now we have THREE cats... so a good litter is a MUST for us! I also like to give them the best food I possibly can and Dr. Elsey's makes it easy with their cat food. Because Popeye is only 4 months old, he's still considered a kitten and should be on kitten food but not with Dr. Elsey's. :)

As we are still adjusting to life with 3 cats, we are separating them and they are using separate littler boxes. The kind I decided to try was the multi-cat strength litter. The really awesome thing about Elsey's is how many types of litter they have. They have some for kittens, multi cat, scented, relief, so many options. You can pick the best one for your kitten, cat or multiple…

Chuao Chocolatier Review

Are you guys ready for one SWEET review? Chuao Chocolatier sent me their holiday line as well as all the kinds they sell at CVS. The flavors they sent me was

HoneycombPotato ChipFirecrackerCaramel Apple CrushSalted Chocolate CrunchBaconluxiousFor The Love PeppermintHope, Joy & GingerbreadSnuggle Up S'mores

My favorite was by far the snuggle me s'mores. The mini marshmallows are minty and soft! The quality of the chocolate is not comparable to all the other store bought chocolate I've tried. I think these will make the PERFECT stocking stuffers. They have something for EVERYONE! The one that was different was the bacon one. I was nervous about trying something with bacon in it, i'm not a huge fan of bacon to begin with so I was worried it would ruin the chocolate for me, good news.. It didn't. :) I highly recommend any of their chocolates! They even offer gift sets! Make sure you check out their site and pick up some of their goodies for your loved ones or if you…

Daily Goodie Box Review

Daily Goodie Box sent me one of their boxes to review, I was very pleased when I received it and opened it up.

The pictures above is what the box looks like as well as what it looks like when you first open your box.  They had so many items packed into a small box. The items I received were napz short-term sleep aid liquid ice energy drink pure lano lip gloss Mirabella eyeliner instant tea ginger honey crystals laceys macadamia & milk chocolate 3 samples of get your fix hot sauce black forest organic sour heads vive hangover prevention

The picture above is all the items that I received. One of my favorite things was the macadamia and milk chocolate wafer as well as the eyeliner. I really like that the box includes a little bit of everything. Gummies that kids would like, hot sauce which my husband loved, hangover prevention for those crazy college kids, and makeup for girls like me.
I was very impressed overall with goodie box. The really cool thing about goodie box is that they w… Review

It's that time of the month again for another review. This month I received the instant pumpkin spice latte and the furminator  shed control cloths.

So I'm going to be honest as I am always and say that my cats did not like the pumpkin spice latte mix, I gave it to a friends dog and he however loved it! So I cant really give a review on how my cats reacted to it. I can say that it legit smells like a pumpkin spice latte which shocked me.

As for the shed control cloths, we have one long haired cat and one short haired cat and as you can imagine, they shed like crazy, especially when the seasons change like now. These shed cloths can me reusable up to 3 times which makes this an even better deal. They really did help with shedding. They mention on the box that you should bath and brush your cats regularly for these cloths to work best. I'm sure if you just used the cloths and didn't do any other preventative measures it may not work as well but more me it worked…

Luxe bu Mr. Bubble Review

Luxe by Mr. Bubble was vey kind and sent me over a few things to review for them, included somethings from their holiday line. The items I received were the on the rocks sea salt body soak, give me some sugar triple moisture sugar scrub, and the milk and cookies tub time retreat. Now that it's getting colder I love taking baths. It's a great way to rewind and relax. As soon as I opened the box I knew I was taking a bath that day, within the hour to be more exact. I opened up the milk and cookies tub time retreat to try first.

I used one of the butter cookie bath melts as well as the milk bath bubble bath. The scent is original bubble, which I'm sure you can assume is bubble gum scented. Now if I'm being honest, I was slightly worried when I saw that. I am not a bubble gum scented fan for myself and my first thought was I hope it's not strong. After opening everything up I was pleasantly surprised. It did indeed smell like bubble gum but it wasn't over powering …

Sonbeam Backpack Daiper Bag Review

Alright guys, so there are SO may brands that have diaper bag lines and different styles of diaper bags. A lot of those brands can be so expensive and a mediocre at best. Sonbeam was so kind and sent me their backpack diaper bag to review and I am so glad they did.

The first thing I noticed when I received the bag were the pads on the back that rest on your lower back and your shoulders, it adds comfort which helps for those long outings. Obviously the real test is how much can you fit it, right? So I packed it full of diaper bag essentials.

Alright, this is shot from the top of bag. My only complaint about this bag is how narrow it is. It holds EVERYTHING needed which I will go into detail later. Because it's narrow, you have to remove items to get the things at the bottom of the bag.

So after taking this picture I realized I left out a few things, I will list below everything that was in the picture of the diaper bag.
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