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Lost My Name Personalized Books

About Lost My Name:
Dragons, unicorns, rabbits in top hats… there used to be loads of magic in the world. Now we’re on a mission to bring it back – and to make millions of children around the world more curious, clever and kind. How? By combining the power of amazing stories, with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalized experiences for kids. As missions go, it’s rather splendid.

The Story of Lost My Name:
Once upon a time (in 2012) four friends got together to make a personalized book – better than one had ever been made before. They worked on it in their spare time, as a pet project. Late nights! Understanding families! Pretending to work on work stuff at work, when they weren’t!Eventually it was finished, stories, illustrations, code, site, print house, everything. They launched it. Word got around. People bought it, and said nice things about it. And they thought, Hang on. Hang on a second. This could be BIG.They got investment. They totally won on Dragons’ …

KleenSlate Concepts

KleenSlate Concepts offers a line of award-winning dry erase products that are high quality, durable, fun, and easy to use.

KleenSlate features the one-and-only, hand-held Response Paddle– a low-tech, educational tool designed to enhance communication and engage students. Created by former teacher Julia Rhodes,  the Response Paddle was  originally invented to improve the classroom, however it soon proved to be much more than just a teaching tool. You can find our hand-held whiteboards and markers in a variety of contexts all over the world– in homes, offices, hospitals, and care facilities. They are handy for people traveling or on-the-go, and they make communication easy in difficult situations.

KleenSlate Concepts‘ priorities are to build lasting relationships with customers and develop quality, innovative products.

Bark Potty

How Does the Bark Potty work?
Dogs simply use the Bark Potty any time they like.  You can place it indoors or out.  As your dog urinates, the liquids drain into and are absorbed by the bark chips and other organic materials, just like with grass or at the dog park.  The inside of each tray is lined with a special wax to contain the liquid. When the dog goes “number 2” you simply remove it as you would if you were walking your dog.

How will the Bark Potty help me?
Bark Potty is all about making the lives of pet parents more convenient when it comes to potty time! In fact, the founders conceived the idea for Bark Potty when their own busy schedules made it difficult to come home at regular times to walk their dogs. The guilt of thinking about their poor, furry babies waiting to go potty led to them to create a useful, convenient, safe, and eco-friendly solution for parents everywhere!
You’ll find that Bark Potty is a perfect solution for:
• house-training a puppy
• apartment residents tha…

Neat Cheeks

NeatCheeks natural baby face wipes are the most innovative and FUN wipes for kids in the world! Naturally sweetened with Stevia extract, NeatCheeks are specifically designed for children’s sensitive little faces and made to taste yummy. Natural, non-GMO ingredients keep your child happy and healthy! In the past, wiping your child’s face created a dreadful experience for both parent and child. Today, NeatCheeks flavored face wipes only create smiles and make clean-up fuss-free and a FUN experience for everyone. Ditch the other icky, sticky wipes and add NeatCheeks to meal-time!

I like many people grab normal baby wipes after meals and snacks or playing at the park because they are always handy and available. The thing about diaper wipes is that it can be drying on little ones skin which can lead to rashes. Neat cheeks are specially for little faces and they smell wonderful. I was skeptical at first when I saw it was made with stevia, I thought it might leave a sticky feeling on their face…

Covered goods multi use nursing cover

Covered Goods have made a four in one cover. It can be used as a nursing cover, carseat cover, infinity scarf, and a cart cover. Keep in mind how expensive all those things are individually.. How awesome you can spend $35 on this one product that works as 4!

They also have adorable prints, a little something for everyone. I received the  floral mismatched print. It has black and white stripes as well has beautiful pink and peach colored flowers on plain black fabric.

Sister Chic

Tushy Tote:
The tushy tote is a super adorable diaper and wipe case. They come in multiple colors and patterns so you are sure to find one that matches you and your babies personality. This is makes it simple to just grab this and go. rather than carrying around a huge diaper bag when it isn't necessary, grab this super trendy wristlet and you're good to go.

Dropper Stopper:
Alright moms and dads, how many of you have had to pick up the same cup 27 times because your little one thinks its a fun game to throw their cup? The dropper stopper keeps toys and cups clean and close. The dropper stopper tightly grips cups, bottles, and toys and is adjustable in length. This is such a simple thing but is one of the best ideas I have seen and been able to use in a while.

Binki Band:
The binki band is similar to the dropper stopper but its for pacifiers. It threads through the pacifier and then clips on to the clothing of the baby. It makes it so you aren't constantly searching for a pa…

Baby Shusher

The baby shusher is a revolutionary tool for parents that uses an ancient, but doctor-tested and approved rhythmic shushing technique to help sooth your fussy baby. Get some much needed sleep, for you and baby! I'm always a bit of a skeptic when it comes to new products for babies, especially ones like this that claims it's the sleep miracle. But, I was impressed, when the baby gets fussy this does in fact calm them down but it wasn't instant like the box and ads claim.  The baby shusher indeed does sound like a parent saying "shhhh" you can control the volume which is a bonus.

ClearEar OTO-TIP

 Everyone from the doctor to the media has made you aware that you shouldn’t put things deep into your ears. Oto-Tip’s patented spiral spin technology provides you with a way to do daily ear cleaning that is safe, effective and easy to use. I received the OTO-TIP for review and it came with 5 adult tips as well as 5 child tips. I am someone who cleans my ears daily with a Q-tip even though I know you're not supposed to. The oto-tip is safe to use and makes my ears feel just as clean as a q-tip does. It did take me a little while to get used to the moisture that gets left behind that the q-tip takes away. Now that I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me at all. I highly recommend this product.

Fresh Body

Fresh Body  was nice enough to said send me Fresh Balls and Fresh Breasts to review. Now I know what a lot of you might be thinking.. but I promise this stuff is actually useful and I love it (well the fresh breasts one, I cant speak for the fresh balls). I myself have a bigger chest and for all of my big chested followers, you know how sweaty you can get when its hot out... Fresh breasts applies as a soothing cream then dries as a cooling powder. You rub it on before getting dressed and it basically acts like a deodorant for your breasts. I really enjoy this because its scent free. The great thing about fresh breasts is it can also be used in other areas that can get a little moist when its hot out.. I'm going to Mexico in February and I will be packing this for sure!

As for the Fresh Balls, I couldn't give an honest review myself so I asked my boyfriend to help me out. Unlike the Fresh Breast, the Fresh Balls does have slight smell but its not over powering, it just smells sl…

Formula 10.0.6

You guys.... I was lucky enough to try SEVEN products from Formula 10.0.6 and I can not speak highly enough about this company. Everything I tried was amazing, I actually went to their website and ordered a few other products I wasn't able to review so I can try them too. My favorite thing I received was the peel mask.. I mean, who doesn't like to peel something of their skin. It's such a strange feeling but so cool.

The7 items I received are:
1. So Totally Clean Anti-Blemish Pads
2. Deep Down Detox Ultra- Cleansing Mud Mask
3.One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub
4.Get Your Glow On Skin-Brightening Peel Mask
5.So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water
6. P.M. Perfector Overnight Hydrating Cream
7.Picture Perfect Day Daily Mositurizer with SPF 15

Dr.Squatch natural soap

My boyfriend was so excited when this package showed up at our door. Manly soaps for him. The soaps came in an awesome cigar box with a picture of Dr. Squatch on it.  My boyfriends favorite scent was the pine tar one. It's strong but not over powering. It's also and exfoliating bar which is perfect for late fall and winter. Having the heat on in the house dries out your skin so fast! I personally like how it smells on his skin and it lasts all day! He was also very excited about the shower koozie they sent me.... such a dude.


I was lucky enough to try out 4 amazing products from the company Anatomicals. First off let me say I love the simple, bright, and clean packaging.

Shower to the people grapefruit and lemongrass body cleanser:
I was nervous about this scent. I typically stay away from grapefruit but I LOVE this. The lemongrass is the strongest scent in this and it pairs well with the grapefruit. It smells fresh and clean and it leaves my skin the same way. I hate when super scented body washes leave a weird film on your skin so you never actually smell clean. Anatomicals body cleanser foams up amazingly, seriously, a little goes a long way.

The buff stuff citrus body scrub:
Once again this smells AMAZING! It is VERY citrusy and I love it. I've been on a huge citrus kick, just makes me feel so fresh and clean. The description on this bottle is so cute.. "If you've had enuff of your skin being all ruff and your epidermis is as tuff as a Scotsman called Mcduff (when it really should be as sof…

Fuego Box

Fuego Box is a monthly subscription box for hot sauce lovers like myself. My box came with 3 full size bottles as well as 4 packets of hot sauce. I Especially like how they give you a card with a description of how each hot sauce as well as what its the best on food wise.

Frankie V's Spooky White:
Made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, organic and locally sourced when available, Spooky White is packed with tons of flavor and lots of heat and made from a combination of white and orange habaneros, mustard, ginger, onions, and infused habanero vinegar. Handmade from scratch in small batches. I tried this on Chicken quesadillas, and nachos and it is delicious.

33 Drops of Hot Sauce:
33 Hot sauces is a pocket-size hot sauce journal designed for easy of use. It's tough to hold a notepad in one hand, a pencil in the other, and have another hand left for a taco. A teeny, tiny amount of real hot sauce is added to the ink of each new edition, which is cryptically noted o…


ShampYou is customized hair care that can be specifically tailored to fit personal hair care needs, depending on color, thickness and texture. Each bottle of ShampYou Base Blend has been specially formulated to provide optimal care and nutrition for a consumer's hair type. Consumers start with one of four gently fragranced, salon-quality Base Blends and add up to 2 of 8 SuperSerum shots, creating an individualized blend just for them. Simply mix and shake bottle like a cocktail for a custom made, ready-to-use shampoo.

Base Blends:
*Ylang ylang and bergamot
*Lemon and verbena
*Mimosa and jasmine
*Juniper and mint
*Cashmere and white lily intensive conditioning rinse

*Gimme more moisture
*Beautiful brunette
*Thermo straight
*Curl me up
*Turn up the volume
*Ravishing red
*Back to your roots
*High definition blonde

ShampYou is available for purchase exclusively at Ulta Beauty in stores or online. An incredible 36 different ShampYou blends can be created with the different…

Tri-Coastal Designs

Tri-Coastal designs is an online boutique. They have super cute accessories, stationary, travel mugs, pet accessories, etc. I received a weekly organizer (Paris Themed), a "Be Bold" ceramic mug, and a gold hearted travel mug.

The weekly organizer includes:
240 sticky notes in 3 designs
70 memo pad sheets
70 weekly note pad sheets
1 accordion envelope

Lee The Dream Jeans

I love skinny jeans, especially in the fall and winter. I enjoy pairing them with a cute bootie or a knee high boot. The new Lee Dream Jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. They feel like pajamas on the inside and jeans on the outside. I'm a tall girl so it can be challenging finding skinny jeans that are long enough that if I wanted to I could wear them with flats. I never have to worry about that with Lee jeans, they offer different lengths which make them perfect if you're if your 4'8 or 6'0.

Sashka Co. Bracelets

These are beautiful!  Each bracelet is handmade by a skilled artisan in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. These are very well made and are the perfect addition to any outfit. They come in a variety of colors, you can easily find one for every outfit! The are one size fits all and slid easily over my hand.

The bracelets are made as part of the Fair Trade Organization. A portion of each sale goes towards helping this organization. Per the Sashka Co website this is what purchasing the bracelets benefits: A Living Wage
The fair trade pricing system enables workers to receive a livable income that covers their basic needs, which include food, shelter, education, and health care for their families. Fair Traders pay producers promptly and, if necessary, help them with access to pre-production financing. Long Term Investment
Fair trade is about building direct, long-term and stable relationships between importers and producers. Long term contracts are a key component of Fair Trade because they provi…

Pasta Chips and Giveaway

Pasta Chips are the freshest take on pasta dough yet. If it weren’t for the name, and me telling you, you’d have no idea these chips are baked pasta dough, not traditional potato chips. Inspired in the hills of Tuscany, every bite of Pasta Chips tastes like a little slice of Italy. These are one of those snacks that don't make me feel guilty when I eat half a bag.

The Mediterranean Sea Salt is the simplest of the flavors, but that doesn’t mean its lacking. Simple, delicious, and perfect.

Spicy Tomato Herb I think was my favorite of them all. It has the ideal balance of spices to create a snack that pops with flavor.

The Marinara reminds me of lasagna. I dont know what it is and it sounds weird, but its delicious!

Alfredo tastes just like a bowl of my favorite alfredo pasta…only much more convenient.
Rosemary isn't a super strong but its one of my favorites. I actually used this one to dip in my chili.
Spinach-Broccoli Kale is a vegie pasta chip. This has a TON of flavor.