Seabuck Wonders

Seabuck Wonders sent me 4 products to try out; the Himalayan sea buckthorn body lotion, Himalayan sea buckthorn exfoliating facial cleanser, Himalayan sea buckthorn facial cream, and their ultimate hair, skin, and nails supplement. I have said it before and i'll say it again, I have such dry, sensitive skin! I am always intimidated to try new skin products! As usual I was expecting to break out from this like I always do, but I didn't. In fact, the facial cleanser is very gentle for being an exfoliating cleanser. It is gentle enough to use daily and it improved my skin. The facial cream is very nice as well. I like who it doesn't leave me feeling sticky after using it, it absorbs quickly, and moisturizes my skin perfectly!

         Image result for seabuck wonders                             Image result for seabuck wonders    

The body lotion also feels very nice on the skin, it left me feeling very moisturized without feeling sticky. The smell is also very nice, its not over powering.



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