Bluapple Review and Giveaway

Bluapple was very kind and sent me their bluapple and their veggie zips. The bluapples absorbs ethylene gas which causes produce to over ripen. They are easy to use, you simply place them in your crisper drawer or wherever you keep your produce. Each apple lasts 3 months, but you don't have to throw them out after that. You simply empty the old packet into your household plants and replace the packet with a new one that you purchase from their site (refill kit)

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The veggiezips are storage bags and hydro liners. Each box comes with 22 ultra large produce bags and 22 hydroliners. These have a unique u-vent technology which allows product to breath by allowing air in and the ethylene gas to escape. The hydroliner absorbs moisturizer and condensation when needed. Dampen to add moisture and hydration as needed. Use the bags as a strainer to wash and drain in the sink. The bags are reusable, simply wash with soapy warm water, rinse and let dry. Blue apple is giving away 3 sets of blueapples and veggiezips for some of my viewers!

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