Friday, July 14, 2017

Bubi Bottle Review

Bubi Bottle sent me 2 of their roll-and-go water bottles. I was skeptical at first, Bubi claims that this water bottle has multi purposes.
  • storing dry goods, cell phone
  • heat- resistant silicone designed for microwavable hot beverages
  • therapeutic aid re: freezing the bottle or filling with hot water for a cold or hot compress; to wrap joints, or use for cramps
  • keeps groceries cold
  • comfortable airplane/mobile pillow
  • and much more!
Another cool feature of the bottle is the inside retainer; when using the bottle, make sure the inside retainer is pushed below the neck of the bottle. The exposed silicone ensures the seal is tight. The insert boasts as a slash shield and is designed to prevent spills and keeps ice from making contact with your gums or teeth. The insert and threads are removable for thorough cleaning in a dishwasher or with warm, lathered water. These bottles also roll-up and fit into the metal clip located by the neck of bottle.


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Bubi Bottle also offers different caps, they have a nipple to use for babies and a sippy like spout which helps so little ones don't spill while drinking. Like I said before, I was very skeptical but, after injuring my eye and using it as a heating pad, I was hooked! Unlike a warm washcloth, this stays warm for a LONG time! I also have used this as an icepack and as a plain water bottle. Bubi Bottles are extremely convenient, these are really nice for people with little ones, after they use it, you can roll it up and tuck it away. I love how it doesn't take up much space. They have so many colors to pick from which makes little ones love them even more.

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