Okocat Litter

It's time again for another review. This month they sent me an Okocat soft step clumping wood cat litter. offers so many brands of pet items for every pet you could own. They also offer all their products at a discounted rate and they ship fast! It took this litter 2 days to get delivered. It's nice not having to go to the actual store, you can shop online (for better prices) and its delivered fast!

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Okocat litter is free of harmful chemicals, additives and synthetic scents. It comes from trees, fallen timber and unused lumber materials. Okocat creates little to no airborne dust to bother allergies. it creates minimal residue to track through your home. The packaging is also nice, its lightweight and has an easy pour spout making litter box changes easy. My cats didn't have any issues with this litter. I filled their litter box a couple inches with this new litter and then I put an inch or so of their old litter on top. I didn't want to completely change their litter on them and be left with little poos all over the house. This Okocat litter really holds the scent in well, and as long as you maintain scooping the litter, it lasts a long time!


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