Skin Actives Salicylic Wash & Marine Nutrient Cream

I recently had to opportunity to review Skin Actives Salicylic Wash and the Marine Nutrient Cream. I have very sensitive skin and acne prone skin. I have always had a hard time finding products that don't irritate my skin yet are strong enough to get deep into my pores and leave my skin feeling clean. The Salicylic Wash is a face wash you use two times a day to help clean and kill bacteria that forms acne. Its the runniest face wash i've ever used which concerned me at first, but after using it I was presently surprised!

This product makes my skin feel extremely clean and soft. I personally love the feeling when my face is at its cleanest. If you are someone who likes to have some oil on your face after washing this may not be the face wash for you. Because I like my face so clean I also use a face scrub along with this wash.

I also received the Marine Nutrient Cream. I have only ever used on face moisturizer, so I was very scared to try this. Lot's of moisturizers put too much oil on my skin or not enough. However, this face cream is AMAZING! It was the icing on the cake. This left my face feeling completely moisturized but not greasy. It also helps prevent acne which is a bonus. If you or anyone is looking for a new skin routine, I suggest trying Skin Actives.


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