Sheltons Poultry

I recently learned of a company called Shelton’s Poultry Inc. At Shelton’s they offer poultry products that are made with premium poultry and they have been doing it this way since their beginning in 1924. Shelton’s poultry is free range and all natural. The poultry has been raised without the use of antibiotics or artificial grown stimulants. When they make their products, they use natural ingredients whenever possible. Shelton’s believes in products that are pure and simple; “ingredient lists that read like a home recipe and not chemistry textbook.” Isn’t that really the way our food should be?!

For my review, I received a collection of Shelton’s products including Turkey Chili in Spicy and Mild, Premium Breast of Chicken, Turkey Jerky in Hot & Spicy and Original, and Turkey Jerky Sticks in Pepperoni, Jalapeno and Original.

One of my favorite lunches is chicken salad. I decided to make my salad with a large bowl of fresh greens,  cucumber and bell pepper slices, an apple and tossed. Then I top my salad with Shelton’s Premium Breast of Chicken. It was wonderful; the chicken had a nice flavor and texture to it.

The Jerky and Jerky Sticks were delicious! I can never seem to find a good turkey jerky. It always seems to be dry and tasteless, not Sheltons! The Pepperoni was my favorite but they were all super tasty. They had good flavor yet are way better for you than most jerky.


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