Review was so kind and sent me 3 things to review this month. The things I received were the tidy cats disposable litter box, blue buffalo holiday santa snacks dog treats, and the temptations holiday dinner cat treats.

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I am huge fan of the tidy cats disposable cat litter box. My cats as well as most can be very picky about their litter, changing it up can often lead to them going outside of the box or in random places throughout your home. I've had that issues using certain litters so I was a little scared to try something new. My cats didn't even react to the new box, they used it right away. I love that I don't have to worry about scrapping the bottom of the regular litter box after a while. I can simply throw the entire thing away.

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These Blue Santa Snacks are so cute! I tried their boo bars this past October and they were a huge hit! I love the ingredients in these, It scares me knowing some of the things we feed our pets, I am always down to try new organic/natural products.

The final thing I received was the temptations limited time holiday dinner. First I love that they come in green and red. My youngest kitty Popeye went nuts over these, he even knocked the container over to get my attention. has the best products and prices around. They have quick shipping ( 2 days) Make sure you head over to and get some goodies for yourself!


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