Townley Girl

Townley Girl was kind enough to send me 5 products. 3 frozen themed and 2 trolls. My 5 year cousin LOVED everyone of them. She's really into nail polish and make up right now so this was right up her ally. I received the frozen 5 pack nail polish and accessory set, frozen 4 pack lipstick and mirror, frozen cell phone lip gloss, trolls hair accessories set, and the trolls 2 pack lip gloss and holder.  Most little kids love frozen and trolls so Townley Girl is killing it. Combining 2 things little girls love most, makeup and their favorite movie.

Frozen 4 Pack Lip Stick with Small Mirror  Frozen Cell Phone Lip Gloss

Frozen 5 Pack Nail Polish with Nail Accessories Trolls 2 Pack Lip Gloss With Holder

                                                       Trolls Hair Accessories Set


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