Everyone likes to snack but no one likes how unhealthy snacking can be. Thinables has made some delicious snack alternatives. I received the thinables English toffee, cinnamon swirl, pizza infused crackers, sharp cheddar crackers, and toasted wheat crackers. The English toffee and cinnamon swirl are 1.5 oz bags are only 100 calories. Yup that's right, a 1.5oz bag of heaven for only 100 calories. no more feeling guilty eating sweets! Plus they are SUPER yummy. I polished off the cinnamon swirl ones in 15 minutes. My fiancé even liked them and normally he doesn't like sweets. The crackers have 50% fewer calories than cheez-its and you would never know by tasting them! My personal favorite was the pizza one, followed by the sharp cheddar. They have such good flavor for a snack that is ACTUALLY healthy for you. Ready for the really good part? 30 crackers is only 60 calories!! And Thinables crackers aren't wimpy sized. You get so much for so little calories. No more feeling guilty, grab Thinables and snack on, snack lovers.



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