Cozy Bump

Pregnancy Pillow, Pregnancy Body Pillow & Maternity Pillows.
The Cozy Bump is not your normal Pregnancy Pillow or sometimes Called Maternity Pillow. The Cozy Bump is the only product that allows expecting moms to lie on their belly during pregnancy and helps with Back Pain During Pregnancy. This Pregnancy Body Pillow is OB/GYN and Chiropractor approved.
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Cozy Bump comes in 2 different colors, Pink or blue. Cozy Bump is perfect for you stomach sleepers and for anyone who has lower back pain. The Cozy Bump really does make a HUGE difference. It takes the pressure off your hips and lower back. Cozy Bump is also great for pregnant woman who still want to work out. It's almost impossible to lay on your belly while pregnant and bust out some ab work outs. Cozy Bump makes ab exercises as well as many others possible.

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