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                    Crazy Legs Game

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You may normally sit around a table to enjoy a family game together, but you'll be busy on your feet with the Crazy Legs Game! Its game board is not like any other, as each space offers a new physical challenge. Each player will have to bounce, shake, slide, dance and more to win! This game is designed for 2-4 players ages 4 and up, but adults will want to play along as well! I played this with my 4 year old cousin and she said "it was the best game ever!" It 100% is a kid game, adults may find it someone boring and silly and but its really nice to see a board game that makes you move and keeps the children entertained because its constantly switching what you have to do. I, and my cousin approve!

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                                      Can You Name 5?

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Can you Name 5 things that would make a person sneeze? How about 5 TV Dads? 5 breakfast cereal “mascots”?

NAME 5 is the outrageous party that asks the easy questions you know the answers to. Sure you know 1 Tom Hanks movie, 1 Tina Turner song… maybe even two… But can you NAME 5???
Board game includes game board, 1 die, 4 pawns, 30-second timer, instructions, and 288 cards with over 1400 Name 5 challenges! The first time I played I played with just my boyfriend and I. We thought it was okay but was lacking something. We had a few friends over and we pulled it out and tried it again.. SO much better, this game is meant for a group of people. It's like your brain stops working when its under pressure so when your asked a simple question like "name 5 vegetables?"  you forget every single veggie on earth. I highly recommend this game, especially for junior high and high schoolers, adults like it too :P


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