I was lucky enough to review a candy box from Bocandy. Bocandy is a monthly subscription box that offers a wide variety of candy from all over the world. I received a international box that had so many goodies. My favorite part about this candy subscription box is that it lets you try candies that you wouldn't normally get to try. Even the ones I didn't like I appreciated the fact I was lucky enough to try them. Everyone, go get your own box and see what goodies you get!

Lucas Salsagheti

This candy is from Mexico, its definitely something i'm not used to. It is  hot mango candy straws with Tamarind sauce. I am someone who likes a little bit of spice and this one is a little too spicy for me.

                                        Image result for lucas salsagheti

Lychee Candy

I used to work in a Chinese restaurant and the owners were always snacking on lychee fruit. They are super sweet and delicious. These hard candies are just that, super sweet and yummy! This candy is a product from the Kasugai company which is from Japan.

                          Image result for kasugai lychee candy

Swedish Peppermint Candy Stick

This was one of my favorites from the box. This candy is handmade in Granna, Sweden. It tastes like a candy cane, which is one of my all time favorite candies.

                                      Image result for nordic sweets swedish peppermint cadny stick

Ola Pola

This is a chocolate treat. Its chocolate covered wafers and they are GOOD. I love me a good chocolate candy bar and this is perfect. It's crunchy, not too sweet, but hits the spot. This candy is from Poland, it was also the first candy I grabbed to try, and I ate it all.

                               Image result for classic ola pola candy bar

Anthon Berg Marzipan Bar

I never had marzipan until I tried this. It is made in Denmark, its basically a huge bar of marzipan covered in chocolate. to me this almost tastes like an almond croissant but covered in chocolate. I am also very bad at describing tastes and scents of things. This wasn't my favorite but I wasn't bad. 

                        Image result for Marzipan bar Anthon Berg

Karla Chili Tajitos Suckers

This was another candy from Mexico. I'm not sure if all their candy is spicy like this but once again I wasn't a fan of it. Its a watermelon sucker covered in chili powder.. I ran the sucker under water  to get all the powder off then I did enjoy the watermelon part of the sucker. It was just too spicy for me.

                                       Image result for karla chili tajitos sucker


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