Trixi's Treasures Snacks With Giveaway

I have a delicious review and giveaway for you guys this evening. This one is from Trixi’s Treasures. Have you heard of them? I hadn’t until just recently and I have to say that I am VERY happy we met. I have told you guys before that I am a snacker…I wake up early and eat dinner late…so there are a LOT of hours in the day that I am up and moving non-stop so snacks are just a part of my lifestyle.
Finding snacks that are delicious, not filled with things I would rather not eat, and not loaded with a million calories can be hard sometimes. Plus, finding something that can hold my interest is hard too – I can get bored ;) Well, that’s where Trixi’s Treasures come into play…now they are my Treasures!
These snacks are made from 100% natural mix that is added to tasty snacks! When the “Shantelyn Treasure Dust” which is baked onto the snack food(s) it adds a sweet, salty, savory, crunch to just about anything edible. The main goal is to make healthy food tastes great!

Not only can you buy the fabulous pre-mixed snacks – you can buy the Treasure Dust to make your own! How FUN is that?? When I opened the box, I immediately grabbed the pre-mixed Shantelyn “Spicy” Treasure Mix. I love food with a bit of a kick, so I was excited for this one. I have to admit – seeing all the snacks that were in the bag seemed interesting…but I am embarrassed to report I managed to eat the whole bag in one sitting ;) DELICIOUS! Trixi’s Treasures is right… you CAN make a homemade treasure from whatever!
It looks really easy to make your own Trixi’s Treasures with The Dust Mixture. And you all know that I am about things being easy in the kitchen! And the combinations are endless, you can mix in nuts, candy, whatever you feel like at that moment…and in no time you will have your own homemade treasure!

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